selling agents: The Market and The Price. - 01/05/16 01:56 AM
The Market and The Price.
Two things may separate a successful real estate agent from one who fails. The existing market and the list price of a home.
We all have access to the same information in the local market because we are in the same selling area. We utilize many of the same tools to market and advertise a home, such as: the local MLS, professional photography, homes selling sites, social media, daily blogging, SOI outreach.
So, why would a home owner think that one agent may be more successful than another? Well, it could be that they overpriced their home on the market and now want out … (10 comments)

selling agents: Do some research and get to know "The rest of the story..." - 04/30/14 04:02 AM
Do some research and get to know "The rest of the story..."

Ever showed up for a listing appointment after several other agents fell short of accomplishing the sales goal? Only to find out there is much more to the, the rest of the story? Some sellers may impede the process of getting their property sold with unrealistic expectations. 

Prior to setting the appointment, it is pertinent to go back into the online history of the property, make a few phone calls and gain information from other listing agents who signed before you. If a home has not sold with several prior agents, there may be a problem on behalf of the … (8 comments)

selling agents: Question: Should I sell my home before starting a new build? - 04/23/14 11:46 AM
Question: Should I sell my home before starting a new build?
That depends on whether you can afford to buy or build another home before you sell the current one.
If you must sell before moving forward on another property, then the answer is: List and sell your home first to gain the necessary funds to purchase. Otherwise you could get stuck making two mortgages or worse, losing the new home and any deposits or down payments you have made up to that point.
 Contacting your lender prior to making an offer will give you insight on the next steps to take.

If … (6 comments)

selling agents: Closing on the day the listing expires…PRICELESS! - 02/20/14 11:16 PM

Closing on the day the listing expires…PRICELESS!
What could be better than closing on the very day that the listing expires? I can answer that. An offer with zero contingencies to be met, no inspection, no appraisal, no lending requirements! What should have been a 3-day close turned into a one week close due to an ice storm down south, but do you hear me complaining?
Uh, NO! 
I love it when buyers and sellers can come together in complete agreement because both- know-exactly-what-they-want! One to move on and one to move in.
Happy day and Happy sales all!

selling agents: 5 GOOD Reasons why I'd hire a real estate agent to sell my home. - 05/05/13 11:16 PM
5 GOOD Reasons why I'd hire a real estate agent to sell my home.
1. The agent can help declutter and depersonalize.
2. Less stress experienced when another professional handles the transaction.
3. There are no emotional attachments to the home by someone who has never lived there.
4. I can focus on my business rather than rushing to meet potential buyers for showings.
5. This reason is simple...My family needs my sanity intact!

 Knowing another professional is in charge of getting my home sold contributes to peace of mind. Also realizing, I will not go down memory lane every … (17 comments)

selling agents: GIVING THANKS back for the opportunity to serve! - 08/02/12 12:22 AM

GIVING THANKS back for the opportunity to serve!
HONESTY between participants in a business transaction is pertinent to gain satisfactory results. It's amazing what mutual TRUST will accomplish!
Thank you for:
Calling me before you seriously considered a neighbor’s lowball offer Allowing me the opportunity to find comparables in the area that came in much higher than you anticipated Ordering an appraisal as suggested that backed up those figures Trusting me and a partner agent to represent you during the marketing and showings of your home The confidence in us to get your home SOLD at the best price and in … (19 comments)

selling agents: Thankful Thursdays…and then 'HARD' happened! - 09/22/11 01:50 AM

Thankful Thursdays…and then 'HARD' happened!
My client said. “I bet this is the easiest deal you’ve ever done!” At the time, I felt he may have been right! In the same day, I:
Obtained the listing Took some photos of the property Had all paperwork signed and dated Uploaded the information to the MLS Had the sign strategically placed in the yard And then it went under contract in less than a week. It seemed like a dream transaction…and then 'HARD' happened!
The buyer's agent left on vacation Communication lines broke down The buyer began to feel remorse Throughout the … (25 comments)

selling agents: Motivational Mondays: Oh! To be The Chosen One! - 09/05/11 05:32 AM

Motivational Mondays:  Oh! To be The Chosen One!
To date, I have been sent several referrals from other members here in the Rain and recently just missed out on one by mere seconds. I was online as the referral request came in so was lightning quick to respond, only to realize it was sent to someone else. I plan to continue to pursue referral leads on ActiveRain.
My advice if you are interested in AR referral leads, you should be more than:
Ready Willing & Able to take on new clients and respond quickly! And you could be The Chosen One … (15 comments)

selling agents: What do consumers REALLY, REALLY want? - 08/30/11 02:19 AM
What do consumers REALLY, REALLY want?
Local Market Knowledge
Anyone can put a Comparable Market Analysis together but are you able to sit down and discuss numbers to a potential seller? Or a buyer? Be savvy about what is happening in your local market. Be informed. You will be tested!
Effective Negotiation
Have you taken any classes or seminars that have helped you negotiate every aspect of a transaction whether it be price, conditions or sales strategy? Consumers expect some aggressiveness when discussing terms to garner the best results in a timely manner.
Online Presence
What do you bring to the table as far as internet marketing or advertising? … (17 comments)

selling agents: Avoid becoming a target! Disclose! Disclose! Disclose! - 07/12/11 02:43 AM

Avoid becoming a target! Disclose! Disclose! Disclose!
Get the Seller’s Disclosures signed, initialed and dated when you take on a listing. Do not forgo this process or you could find yourself in a litigious situation. And if anything occurs during the listing period that affects the integrity of the property and you are aware of it, request that your seller sign new disclosures. You are obligated to relay the information.
If potential buyers must enter through a garage rather than the front door because it is off-kilter and sealed shut due to buckling, are you responsible to disclose that there may be settling … (25 comments)

selling agents: "Don't let the door hit you on the way out!" - 06/03/11 03:47 AM

"Don't let the door hit you on the way out!"
People who use bad behavior to gain control or lose total composure when their temper leads them will pay for it eventually, unfortunately we will too if we give in to them.
Time and again I see the power struggle between people, some are able to calmly discuss a situation, compromise and come to a sensible agreement. Others feel the need to overpower without any effort toward negotiation in order to get their way.
Do I wish to work with people like this? 
No, by any means.
Do I have a choice when it comes to … (26 comments)

selling agents: Thankful Thursdays: No house too big or small, I sell and show them all! - 04/21/11 01:58 AM
Thankful Thursdays: No house too big or small, I sell and show them all!

One of my clients built this little birdhouse as a show of appreciation for a job well done. After taking several photos, I created a greeting card that is now send out to clients and potential clients as a way to stay in touch. What a constant reminder of his kindness and the unexpectedness of receiving a thoughtful gift that keeps giving!
I have amazing clients and am so very thankful for them!

selling agents: I ain't lion! - 04/02/11 02:38 AM
I ain't lion!
A recent sale went beautifully; from the time the offer was presented to my clients, to the very day before closing, leading me to wonder, when will it happen?
Most of you know exactly what I'm referring to: That in-your-face possibility that something could go wrong just waiting to pounce and wreak havoc on a perfectly honed transaction! And the anxious fretting, uneasy thoughts, nail biting, pacing the floor, emotional jarring that comes with worry.
The morning of closing day went by quickly with an assurance that we were on target...afternoon came and went...still no docs showed … (29 comments)

selling agents: Motivational Monday: Don't be coy! - 11/15/10 12:43 AM
Motivational Monday: Don't be coy!
coy (koi) adj. 1. Tending to avoid people and social situations; reserved. 2. Shy or modest.
Being somewhat shy in real estate is a huge disadvantage and must be overcome or eventually you'll put yourself out of business. It is essential to be assertive when it comes to gaining a listing or negotiating a sales price for a buyer / seller. Taking a class on assertive training, seeking a support group or joining the local Toastmasters club will help. If you are timid and reluctant, your peers will know that, may feed on your weaknesses, rendering you ineffective … (24 comments)

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