southern utah fishing spots: Gone Fishing: A basket full of what?! - 07/03/17 07:40 AM
Gone Fishing: A basket full of what?!
A man was stopped by a game warden with his basket full of fish. 
Warden: Do you have a permit for all these fish? 
Man: No sir. These are all my pet fish. 
Warden: Your pet fish? How's that? 
Man: Well, every night I take all my pet fish for a walk to the lake, I let them swim for about half hour and then I whistle and they all come back and jump in my basket and we go home. We do this every night. 
Warden: Well that's just a crock of lies! 
Man: Here I'll show you... (Releases the fish … (17 comments)

southern utah fishing spots: Good things come to those who bait! - 04/07/17 06:46 AM
Good things come to those who bait!
Fishing has always been a family favorite for us here in southern Utah. Most weekend days, we grab our gear and head to the nearest reservoir or lake to throw in a baited line with hopes of catching THE BIG ONE! Fishing season is just a pole cast away now that temperatures are warmer, the days longer! 
Washington County, Utah has some amazing fishing areas that are great for day fishing or weekend camping trips. Our 2-year old Gbaby Ruger will soon learn the basics of baiting, casting and in reeling a catch. The concepts of successful fishing can also be applied to real estate prospecting. Engaging … (10 comments)

southern utah fishing spots: Support your local bank. - 10/12/16 10:05 PM
Support your local bank.
While some people appreciate the ease and convenience of on-line banking, I prefer to do all my transacting in person. This fishing bank has been a solid force in our community and will continue to be a local favorite. 
It has proven to be:
User friendly Dependable Accommodating Rock steady Always open  Rewarding   
More often than not, I get so much more in return than I ever deposit and no waiting in line! This bank is gaining clients of all ages, putting smiles on their faces and welcoming new visitors daily. All it takes is a little time and effort.
This is a bank you … (10 comments)

southern utah fishing spots: Chasing rainbows...again! - 06/12/16 11:22 PM
Chasing rainbows...again!
I love rainbows... and browns...and cut throats...and tigers...and brookies...and goldens...and splakes... What is a splake, you ask? A hybrid fish that is a cross between a Lake Trout and a Brook Trout.

It is found and can be caught in Utah's lakes and reservoirs at:
Causey Reservoir Fish Lake Mill Meadow Reservoir Joe's Valley Reservoir  
Are you ready for some FISHING? I am. We'll see you on the water when finished at the closing table!

southern utah fishing spots: Angler Alert: Unlimited fishing at Gunlock State Park in southern Utah! - 08/12/15 11:00 AM
Angler Alert: Unlimited fishing at Gunlock State Park in southern Utah!
Come one, come all and test your fishing skills all day long, into the night with no limit on number of fish caught. Rinse, repeat and continue on until the fishing season concludes. A fishing enthusiasts dream!
The only items required are a valid Utah fishing license and payment of entry into Gunlock State Park. Everyone is encouraged to participate because there are plans to treat the water in order to eradicate the invasive, aggressive small mouth bass.
The Division of Wildlife is taking a proactive stance to prevent the fish from going past the overflow into the Santa … (7 comments)

southern utah fishing spots: We caught a Double Rainbow! - 05/28/13 12:04 AM
We caught a Double Rainbow!

After a full week of celebrating our son's high school graduation, my husband and I decided to head to Panguitch Lake, our favorite fishing spot, to relax for a bit. We set our chairs up on the beach, baited our hooks, cast the lines and got settled in for half day of fishing. The weather was perfect with a slight breeze that continued through the afternoon to early evening.
All of a sudden our poles bent toward the water simultaneously, both holding a nice size rainbow trout on each end. You could say that we … (8 comments)

southern utah fishing spots: When thoughts of fishing turn to prospecting. - 01/15/13 12:35 AM
When thoughts of fishing turn to prospecting.

Fishing is a strategy much like prospecting for clients:
Fishing: The moment to pull your pole upward at precisely the same time a fish makes a commitment. Prospecting: Engage potential client to show the benefits of choosing you as their real estate agent. Fishing: React too soon to the tug on the line and gone is the fish. Prospecting: Stay the course and follow up and follow through consistently. Fishing: Pull too hard and you may lose your bait, the rigging and the fish! Prospecting: You may lose a few but if you wait for it, success is yours! The … (5 comments)

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