the beauty of nature: The Blushing Princess: A Nerdin Gardens Tale. - 07/15/18 11:49 AM
The Blushing Princess: A Nerdin Gardens Tale.
   A fair female was born into a small village. The first in many decades, as males maintained the birth rate. Her beautiful face blushed pink, her aura, a much deeper hue.
All agreed to safeguard her at all costs to ensure future growth. Three gallant sentries were chosen to stand guard over this beauty through any and all inclement weather.
Neither rain, hail or extreme winds would pose a danger to the little one. She soon blossomed into full living color, a stunning specimen, thanks to her dutiful protectors.
The End.
~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin at Nerdin Gardens   Which … (10 comments)

the beauty of nature: How do you handle unexpected visitors? - 06/01/15 10:34 PM
How do you handle unexpected visitors?
It is proper etiquette to give notice before arriving at someone's home, otherwise, it may be considered rude and intrusive. These guests however came bearing gifts and I must say, Welcome, welcome! 
We have been expecting you but didn't exactly know your arrival date and do hope you'll stay awhile...

the beauty of nature: Feed yourself! - 05/23/15 08:15 AM
Feed yourself!
When maintaining a home and working long days, it is often difficult to put yourself first but remember to make time and feed the need within. Take in a sunrise, a sunset or get outside for a little sun-shine.
Stressful transactions, sleepless nights plus functioning through it all can take it's toll. Clients listen to our advice when necessary and in the words of a famous shoe maker...Just do it!

the beauty of nature: Be still, my bleeding hearts! - 05/07/15 11:32 AM
Be still, my bleeding hearts!
Following a bumble bee, with camera in hand, to get a clear shot of him fastidiously flitting from bloom to bloom, he pays no mind to outside interests. Clearly, his work ethic is defined.
He follows up and follows through with the 'business first' approach, much like a focused professional. No luxury in taking time off to rest and relax, then re-group and back to work.
His instinct tells him, the time is now to get it done, no time for dawdling! I do applaud the sincere effort as he accomplishes the day's tasks.              ...Signed, A Secret Admirer

the beauty of nature: Naturally curly. - 02/15/15 12:11 AM
Naturally curly.

The whimsical side of nature evokes a smile or quick giggle for those possessing a sense of humor. While walking through the garden at harvest time last year, I noticed this curly cucumber suspended far above the ground.
It was no ordinary vegetable but was also without genetic modifications or chemicals, just plenty of water and bright sunshine with the freedom to grow. We are looking forward to the new gardening season.
Happy Sunday all, hope you're smiling today!

the beauty of nature: Keep looking up! - 01/26/15 11:09 PM
Keep looking up!

A beautiful end to a work day includes a most vibrant sunset. I can always depend on nature to orchestrate a spectacular light show that leads the way home. And as I keep looking up into the sky...I also become elevated!
Happy sales all, it's looking promising so far!

the beauty of nature: Beyond the horizon. - 11/01/14 05:03 AM
Beyond the horizon.

As day turns to night, darkness invades, shrouding every available surface. Clouds disperse, transforming the sky, stars twinkling, pulsating, vacillating.
So many times I've wished to hold that magic a bit longer before it is set to motion once again.
Happy Sunday all, it's looking promising from here in southern Utah!

the beauty of nature: Hel-lo Yel-low! - 09/05/14 11:38 PM
Hel-lo Yel-low!

While on the way to lunch at Breakfast at Tifiny's at the Green Valley Spa in St. George, Utah, the walkway boasted a great variety of blooming bushes and plants.
One flower in particular grabbed my attention due to the intense clarity as the sun highlighted it's petals.
The Hello Yellow Canna Lily exhibits bright yellow flowers on green foliage. These flowers bloom all summer long and also attract Hummingbirds. 
It sure had me saying Hel-lo Yel-low with a smile about my face! 
Luther Burbank once said: Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for … (10 comments)

the beauty of nature: WARNING: Visually tantalizing! - 03/28/14 12:16 AM
WARNING: Visually tantalizing!
I knew this was going to be a spectacular sunset at first sight, with clouds forming a seashell effect along the horizon, sunbursts punching through at intervals.

After stopping several times to get the best vantage point, I became transfixed at the event rapidly transpiring before my eyes.

Boom! Suddenly there was a vibrant color explosion from the center of the formation speading outward and upward.

Just when I thought it was over, nature amped up the pulsating hues then quickly went out in a fiery blaze! What an amazing sight to spectate.
Happy Friday all, it is looking promising from … (28 comments)

the beauty of nature: Just another bird on the wall... - 05/14/13 10:50 PM
Just another bird on the wall...
Without realizing that I was too close for this guy's comfort, he quickly made his escape to higher ground. Oh well! So much for the photo opportunity that I had planned. All in all, it turned out to be just another bird on the wall! 
Hey! Wanda! People! Leave that bird alone!
Buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Call me at 435.632.9374 or contact me at to help because Wanda Can!
A portion of every successful real estate transaction goes to Bed 'n' Biscuits to help fund Switchpoint, a local homeless shelter.

the beauty of nature: Egrets, I've had a few... - 05/06/13 11:00 PM
Egrets, I've had a few...

But then again, moving to southern Utah isn't one of them!
This grand bird has found a home here in the high desert as visitors often do. People come to vacation, participate in a major event or on business and are drawn to the clean air, mild temperatures and small town atmosphere. Many will visit and some will come back to find their final destination in a forever home.
If you have questions about the St. George, Utah area or any Washington County, Utah homes for sale, please contact me at 435.632.9374 or I am glad to … (14 comments)

the beauty of nature: Speechless Sunday (almost!): Kitty rescue along the canal. - 07/08/12 02:37 AM
Speechless Sunday (almost!): Kitty rescue along the canal.

Remnants of a dried up can of tuna was all that was left of this kitty's last meal until our son Spensyr and his girlfriend Mandy happened along the canal in Richfield. This Tabby came out of some brush, meowing and they immediately took her home to get a drink of water and more food until they could figure out what to do.
Of course, they sent me this photo and my heart went out to Canal; her new name. After realizing she was sick, the adults drove to an animal shelter that … (17 comments)

the beauty of nature: Speechless Sunday (almost!): Ode to day. - 06/10/12 02:48 AM
Speechless Sunday (almost!): Ode to day.

Day relays the torch at the end of its spectacular run, giving way to cooler temps and calm night skies. 'Till morning wakes, turning up the lights to begin the race once more.
The day is looking promising, hope you get out and enjoy what it has to offer!
Happy Sunday!

the beauty of nature: Friday Funnies: Piggy-back ride! - 04/19/12 11:13 PM
Friday Funnies: Piggy-back ride!
You ever wonder where the saying comes from. Well, look no further as this is true proof of its origin! Miss Prissy and Bacon demonstrate this technique quite naturally, don’t you think?
Piggy-back riding comes from the human practice known as 'piggybacking' where a person rides around on another's back, the rider’s arms clasped around the carrier’s neck.
I remember clearly giving my sons Piggy-back rides when they were younger and they’d giggle and squeal…
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