wanda kubat nerdin: Encore to: Another southern Ut-ahhh sunrise! - 09/17/17 12:53 PM
Encore to: Another southern Ut-ahhh sunrise!
Who knew that one vibrant sunset could outdo another? Not I but just look at this! Purples, pinks, orange and yellows floating dreamily among fluffy wisps of vapor, creating an ahhh-mazing masterpiece.
All natural, no preservatives. To be consumed immediately.
Happy Sunday all, may you enjoy every moment!
Buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Call me at 435.632.9374 or contact me at wanda@buynsellutah.com to help because Wanda Can! 
A portion of every successful real estate transaction goes to Bed 'n' Biscuits to help fund Switchpoint, a local homeless shelter.

wanda kubat nerdin: Make a show of it and work and work…! - 04/26/15 12:20 AM
Make a show of it and work and work…! 
Many new agents become frustrated when results aren't quickly forthcoming because if it isn't instantaneous, it lacks desirability and worthiness. Unfortunately, society has taken a 'want it all now' approach with little effort invested. 
Favorable results do not come fast and furious in our industry but rather slow and steady with a combination of smarts and hard work. Creating successful work habits and putting forth a sincere effort to gain significant outcomes is key.
Setting processes and procedures to work at the forefront will create an effective, long standing business model. Consider meeting with other successful agents to find out what they have in place. … (14 comments)

wanda kubat nerdin: St. George Utah Area Homes for Sale | Current Market Trends & Statistics | December 2014 - 01/14/15 11:05 PM
St. George Utah Area Homes for Sale | Current Market Trends & Statistics | December 2014 

The New Year has arrived and throughout the St. George, Utah area, buyers are seriously looking to purchase real estate. Daily temperatures have been in the mid 50s during the day with crisp evenings.
I continue to see price reductions on Residential Homes in the Washington County Utah MLS. Average sales price for December 2014 was $271,504.00, compared to $266,939.00 for November 2014.
(Residential Stats in Washington County Utah-no outside sales to December 1st-31st, 2014.)
Residential Listings are at 1,581 and SOLD Residential Listings for 2014 were 3,377. Days on Market Average was 87. Condo/Townhome Listings … (6 comments)

wanda kubat nerdin: Things are looking up! - 11/29/14 11:41 PM
Things are looking up!
No need to travel far to gaze at neon hues racing 'cross the sky, just look up. Colors engaging, creating the greatest impact at an exact moment before fading, retreating, dissipating. Nature continues to put on quite a lightshow twice daily to those who happen to be present.
So glad to witness such beauty. Happy Sunday all!

wanda kubat nerdin: Another Home SOLD in Washington, Utah at Coral Canyon Golf Course Community! - 09/11/14 08:05 AM
Another Home SOLD in Washington, Utah at Coral Canyon Golf Course Community!

My clients wants and needs were full-filled in this well-planned golf course community, it has everything on their real estate wish list. They wanted a place to relax, refresh and a community that offered first class amenities. 
Their children and grandchildren can maneuver the many walking and bike paths, plus jump into a pool for a refreshing dip year 'round. Multiple playgrounds and open grassy areas are perfect for outdoor games. 
Smiles all around for clients who just closed on their new family home in the Coral Canyon Community! 
I love my clients!
Coral Canyon … (3 comments)

wanda kubat nerdin: I'm a pickin' and I'm a grinnin' in Nerdin Gardens! - 09/07/14 03:13 AM
I'm a pickin' and I'm a grinnin' in Nerdin Gardens!
Spending time in our home garden brings to the forefront a sense of peace and accomplishment when stepping through the gate. The buzz of honey bees, roosters crowing, birds chirping and the pigs snoring...yes, even that sound reveals an overall contentment.
From late Spring to early Fall, we have watched the garden grow from small plants and seedlings to beautiful, lush offerings of fruits and vegetables. Our day-to-day harvest is proof that what you give, pays back in multitudes.
With loving care and a bit of work, we have created a Farmer's Market in our own back yard. A snap here, a … (8 comments)

wanda kubat nerdin: Back-to-School = S-L-O-W D-O-W-N and be extra cautious! - 08/07/14 01:59 AM
Back-to-School = S-L-O-W  D-O-W-N and be extra cautious!

The first day of public school for all of Washington County, Utah starts on Monday, the 11th of August, 2014. It is time to S-L-O-W  D-O-W-N and be extra cautious of young people darting out between cars, in and outside the crosswalks, into the street to get to school! Watch for flashing lights, heed crossing guard instructions and bicyclists.

For more information go to: http://www.washk12.org

wanda kubat nerdin: Wake up. You're dreaming at $10K over market value! - 07/30/14 12:50 AM
Wake up. You're dreaming at $10K over market value!
Homes in a hot, new-build community typically do not last long on the market. While doing research on listings, solds, pendings, I also travel to the site, talk to homeowner's and on-site agents to get a broader sense of livability.
I will call on For Sale By Owners to see where their price stands in regards to current comparables. As I began talking to an owner, I realized his home was built 7 years prior, had less upgrades and features and was $10K over market value.
He invited my client and I to come and … (15 comments)

wanda kubat nerdin: St George Utah Homes for Sale - Residential Market Snapshot Mid July 2014 - 07/17/14 11:37 PM
St George Utah Homes for Sale - Residential Market Snapshot Mid July 2014

There are currently 815 residential listings in St. George, Utah or St. Gorgeous as I like to say, starting at $16,900.00 for a 900 square foot, 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath mobile home on a rented lot to $4,450,000 for an 11,588 square foot single family home with 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms on .72 acres of land.
New residential construction has picked up in the area and if you are thinking of building that dream home, now is the time to take advantage! There are currently 308 residential land lots for sale in St. George, Utah starting at … (5 comments)

wanda kubat nerdin: I want to be left alone. - 07/06/14 01:59 AM
I want to be left alone.

Oh, the pains of being such an adorable baby.  "Every day, everyone wants me to goochey-goo, giggle and smile on cue, sometimes, it is just too much for me."...my grandson Ruger seems to say. 
It reminds me of the famous words of Greta Garbo: I never said, "I want to be alone." I only said, "I want to be left alone." There is a difference!
Happy Sunday all, make the most of yours!

wanda kubat nerdin: Are your work ethics admirable or just getting you by? - 06/26/14 10:07 PM
Are your work ethics admirable or just getting you by?
Office distractions can get the best of anyone who lacks discipline, focus or a clear direction. My advice, especially during summer months or slow times, is to make a list of things that absolutely must get done on a daily basis. Most important items at the top, less important as the list continues downward.
Some things that may also help:
Noises: Close the door if possible to block out unecessary sounds of conversations, people walking down the hallway coming into the building or heading out.
Unexpected Visitors: Acknowledge them and politely let people know you are on a time schedule and cannot … (13 comments)

wanda kubat nerdin: Do, do, DO your Due Diligence! - 06/16/14 11:09 PM
Do, do, DO your Due Diligence!
Now that you are under contract, there is much to accomplish in a short amount of time. Make the best use of time and thoroughly pay attention to Due Diligence. 
Getting what you pay for is oh-so important. To ensure a smoother transaction, your real estate agent can help assure procedures done correctly and deadlines are met in a timely manner. 
1. Choose a good, reputable Title Company to ensure:
Property is free and clear of all liens Boundaries are clearly marked All information on property is up-to-date  
2. Ask a lot of questions regarding the property
Visit the neighborhood Go back during … (13 comments)

wanda kubat nerdin: Happy Father's Day! - 06/14/14 09:56 PM
Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to a man who has shown a true commitment as Sebastian and Spensyr's father and to the bestest husband a woman could ask for.
He is the reason my heart still skips a beat when I think of him…and no I do not have arrhythmia! I love you honey the mostest!
Happy Father's Day to all who are called Dad and have taken on that ever-important role in a child's life!

wanda kubat nerdin: Work to the positive and gain optimistic results! - 06/07/14 10:21 AM
Work to the positive and gain optimistic results!
Excited about the new listing you just acquired? You should be and now is the opportunity to Wow! everyone with the:
Features Amenities  Location   
In order to get the property sold in a timely manner at a good price, add value in the home buyer’s mind by keeping the phrases professional. This allows viewers to use their own imagination, rather than something projected at them.
Use relevant characteristics such as:
Spacious Living Room Custom Home Theater One-of-a kind Recreation Room Excellent Curb Appeal Professionally Landscaped Resort-style Pool & Spa Commuter Friendly Pristinely Maintained Neighborhood   
Have photos taken of the … (12 comments)

wanda kubat nerdin: Nooooo...Tell me it isn't so! - 06/07/14 04:50 AM
Nooooo...Tell me it isn't so!
Are you sure it's Monday says Ashley kitty?!
Not quite sure I'm ready and raring to go but the day will happen anyway despite my lack of motivation this early morning. There are clients to see today, some research to be done on a property and an offer to write, so here I go to meet the day.
Happy Monday all, nothing Mundane about it!

wanda kubat nerdin: A-a-a-a-Atchoo! - 06/07/14 01:10 AM

Why do people say gesundheit when someone sneezes?
It is a German expression of good health for the person sneezing. A sneeze may also be followed up with a Bless You by many people who are close enough to hear. There are many styles of sneezes from the almost mute burst to a medium audible 'Choo!' to an all-encompassing, uncontrolled, verbal ATCH-CHOO!
Here's looking atchoo this Happy Saturday!

wanda kubat nerdin: St George Utah Area Residential Market Snapshot - May 2014 Stats - 06/05/14 01:59 AM
St George Utah Area Residential Market Snapshot - May 2014 Stats
Market bits for Washington County, UT:
1,331 Properties have SOLD from January 01, 2014 to June 01, 2014 and are down 125 compared to 1,456 from January 01, 2013 to June 01, 2013. Total number of LISTINGS are at 1,670 in Washington County only. There were 454 listings to hit the market in May 2014. Days on Market is at 109 and average SALES PRICE is $249,126. In the last 30 days, 86 Listings Expired and 29 Listings were Withdrawn. To date, % of LIST to SALE is 97%, slightly up since the first of 2014. The absorption rate is approximately 6.5 months. $330,174,306.00 in SALES volume was generated through successful residential … (2 comments)

wanda kubat nerdin: You're darn tootin'! - 06/04/14 12:47 PM
You're darn tootin'!

Our lives are filled with moments that are meant to be shared.  Have a story that may inspire another? A rainy symphony? Sun-shiny scenario? Or a stormy series of events? An experience that spurned you forward in business? Your favorite places to visit locally? Well, you're darn tootin' we all want to hear about it! 
If you are short on writing material, then:
Take a walk / run Sit in a city park Go for a hike Bike a trail Golf a round Plant some flowers Grab your camera and take some photos Take an afternoon, attend a local event and explore what your area offers! … (7 comments)

wanda kubat nerdin: I'd like to talk to YOUR BOSS! - 06/03/14 01:21 AM
I'd like to talk to YOUR BOSS!
Okay, when I hang up, call me back at...1-435-632-9374. I will be glad to talk about your home buying / selling needs, concerns or to simply answer any questions you may have.
Many consumers believe that as REALTORS®, we have supervisors or owners who are in charge of our business. We are independent contractors and answer to ourselves, though we are governed by the Department of Commerce. The Broker oversees daily operations to ensure that we follow the Division of Real Estate guidelines and that we adhere to the Code of Ethics.
These are essential rules of business that I follow:
Maintain a … (25 comments)

wanda kubat nerdin: Reaching maximum potential. - 06/01/14 11:24 PM
Reaching maximum potential.

This Peace Rosebud's future is destined for success. With plenty of sun and ample amount of water, it shall begin to show it's true colors, slowing revealing the inner self, exerting outward, eventually reaching maximum potential. No complaints or needless worry, just a simple desire to fulfill a purpose.
I'd say it's future is looking mighty promising.
Be sure to set business goals, market yourself and show your true colors to ensure overall success. Happy Monday all!

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