wandakubatnerdin: Ivins Utah Homes For Sale ~ Residential Market Snapshot ~ July 2014 - 07/30/14 11:08 PM
Ivins Utah Homes For Sale ~ Residential Market Snapshot ~ July 2014
Residential Area Stats Year to Date ~ Last 30 Days 
Active Listings as of 8/01/2014:  96
Pending as of 8/01/2014: 24
Closed Last 30 Days: 13
Closed Last 365 Days: 205
Sale Price Average: $275,108
Average DOM: 117
Absorption Rate: Approx. 6 months 
List to Sell Ratio: 97.3%
Year to Date Sales 1/01/14 ~ 7/31/14: 110 
Ivins maintains a small town atmosphere while offering world-class entertainment and luxury accommodations to those vacationing or residing part or full time.
  The city of Ivins is located just outside of St. George and Santa Clara, Utah near Tuacahn, (world-renown outdoor amphitheater) and Snow Canyon State Park.  Southern Utah … (1 comments)

wandakubatnerdin: It's Breezey in southern Utah! - 04/06/14 12:34 AM
It's Breezey in southern Utah!

Clients drove in from Louisiana to view potential homes in my selling area of Washington County, Utah. They also brought their baby with them and Breezey and I instantly became friends! The treats in-hand helped to sway her in my favor, I am sure. Breezey is a joy to be around and was very patient while we spent many hours in and out of many properties.
They selected a home site to build a dream home and will soon begin the process of making southern Utah their Home Sweet Home. I am so excited for them all and Breezey … (11 comments)

wandakubatnerdin: Motivational Monday: Ponder before heading yonder. - 06/17/12 11:08 PM
Motivational Monday: Ponder before heading yonder.

One more year and my son will graduate along with his girlfriend, Mandy. Now is the time to think about game plans, future expectations, short term and long term goals. The world is just waiting for them to arrive and make an impact that will drive them towards success.
I am grateful they are taking the time to ponder before going yonder rather than haphazardly setting out to unknown areas. A sure sign of maturity is the ability to reflect or think through thoroughly. The best to you Spensyr and Mandy as you move … (17 comments)

wandakubatnerdin: Spaghetti Real Estate - 04/21/12 01:07 AM

Spaghetti Real Estate: Throwing several offers out there on multiple short sale properties to see which one sticks.
There are people that play this game because it is easy to pull an offer with no recourse before Due Diligence deadlines are met. In my opinion, there needs to be some accountability when offers are recklessly sent out to see who can get to the finish line the quickest.
All aspects of a short sale transaction depend heavily on all people involved to move forward to get the property sold to avoid foreclosure. This may be just an investment for some but there are … (31 comments)

wandakubatnerdin: 10 Ways to Ensure a Successful 2012! - 01/03/12 01:04 AM
10 Ways to Ensure a Successful 2012!
Back in 2010, I originally wrote this motivational post based on past experience and now realize the list continues to stand on its own merit! This is the year to capitalize on strengths and improve in areas to drive your business forward, ensuring overall success. I will be using the list as a guide as well!
Are you ready to take on 2012?

Successful real estate transactions are an exciting and viable part of business. A homeowner sells their property and a homebuyer purchases the home they want at a good price and we, as … (20 comments)

wandakubatnerdin: Motivational Monday: Treat people right and the rest will follow in 2012! - 01/02/12 03:12 AM
Motivational Monday: Treat people right and the rest will follow in 2012!
I was told early in my career to look at a potential client and imagine a dollar sign on their forehead in order to close a deal. Thanks, but no thanks!
Don’t get me wrong, my family depends on my income to ensure bills are paid to make life comfortable but if you treat people with care, maintain loyalty while creating a trusting relationship, the rest will follow.
You hold the power to be successful based on methods that work without compromising your own standards. From experience I have learned that … (20 comments)

wandakubatnerdin: Motivational Monday: Create a partnership with local Washington County Utah Affiliates! - 12/26/11 02:16 AM

Motivational Monday: Create a partnership with local  Washington County Utah Affiliates!
Affiliates depend on our business as REALTORS and by creating a partnership, it ensures they will stay in business and you will get in return, professional service with a sincere commitment to you and your clients.
Affiliates may include:
Accountants Advertising Companies Banks Carpet Cleaning Charitable Organizations Communications Computers Country Clubs / Golf Foundation Repair Home Builders Inspectors Home Staging Home Theatre/Audio / Video Hotel / Motel / Inns Insurance Investment Landscapers Mitigation Mortgage Moving & Storage Professional Photography Rental Properties Restoration Services Title Services And more!  
As part of the Affiliates Committee through our … (6 comments)

wandakubatnerdin: Washington County Utah Weekly Residential Sales Snapshot / November 19, 2011 ~ December 19, 2011 / Prado & Kramer Real Estate - 12/20/11 12:57 AM
Washington County Utah Weekly Residential Sales Snapshot / November 19, 2011 ~ December 19, 2011 / Prado & Kramer Real Estate
With the Holidays fast approaching, people's thoughts turn to family celebrations, travel or gift giving. The St. George area remains busy with serious buyers who wish to purchase a home while prices remain affordable, inventory is great and interest rates are low.
October 19, 2011 - November 19, 2011: 218 Residential Sales / 245 Pending
November 19, 2011 - December 19, 2011: 231 Residential Sales 
~ Washington County Utah Stats Taken From the MLS ~
Year by Year   |  RE Market -January to November 
Ironwood Community in Washington … (0 comments)

wandakubatnerdin: Speechless Sunday (almost!): Give or take? - 12/11/11 03:43 AM
Speechless Sunday (almost!): Give or take?

From this position, it's difficult to say whether The Grinch is coming or going, giving or taking. While the trusting side wants to believe in the goodness of others, it is always important to look from all views at one's history to gain a clearer picture of what is before us.
What are your thoughts...Is The Grinch Giving or Taking?
It looks like this Sunday is going to be another Sunny-day!
This is another Christmas Tree display at the Jubilee of Trees event at the Dixie Center in St. George, Utah. It was another of the crowd favorites, … (16 comments)

wandakubatnerdin: Speechless Sunday (almost!): Luxury Tri-Level Condo For Sale in Southern Utah ~ Make an Offer! - 12/04/11 03:09 AM

Speechless Sunday (almost!): Luxury Tri-Level Condo For Sale in Southern Utah ~ Make an Offer!
Dream home built for entertaining in desirable location with plenty of off-street parking in upscale neighborhood. 
Built in 2011 Completely Furnished One Bedroom Suite One Powder Room Spacious Living Room Gourmet Kitchen Elevator 2 balconies Ken not Included in Sale Contact me for further information:
Wanda Kubat-Nerdin REALTOR®, GRI® CSP®, e-PRO®, CNE® Prado & Kramer Real Estate 21 North Main Street St. George, UT 84770 435.632.9374 Cell
This was one of the many amazing entries in this year's Jubilee of Trees Event at the Dixie Center … (15 comments)

wandakubatnerdin: Motivational Monday: Get your message across Point Blank! - 11/21/11 12:43 AM
Motivational Monday: Get your message across Point Blank!
Grandma got married the 8th time for companionship, as her newest husband quickly found out! He tried to get frisky with her one night and she reciprocated by getting her gun out and telling him...
“We married to keep each other company and as long as you remember that and keep your hands to yourself, we’ll get along just fine.” He got the message…LOUD & CLEAR!
In order to be effective with consumers, your advertising and marketing efforts must be:
Concise Clear Easy to Comprehend  
Or you may be misundertood and you want to avoid that. … (12 comments)

wandakubatnerdin: Speechless Sunday(almost!): Blues skies smiling at me...nothing but blue skies... - 11/20/11 02:37 AM
Speechless Sunday(almost!): Blues skies smiling at me...nothing but blue skies...

Northern Utah was hit with a winter storm that left several inches of snow and freezing temperatures while southern Utah will be enjoying another day of mild weather. One more good reason to consider the St. George area for your next vacation or your final destination!
Enjoy this beautiful Sun-day!
I sure will!

wandakubatnerdin: Speechless Sunday: Impending storm. - 11/13/11 02:39 AM
Speechless Sunday: Impending storm.

How do you plan to prepare?

wandakubatnerdin: Speechless Sunday(almost!): Should I stay or should I go now? - 11/06/11 01:42 AM
Speechless Sunday(almost!): Should I stay or should I go now?
A sudden storm blew in complete with roiling clouds, spraying a fine mist from the heavens at Panguitch Lake. We expected a deluge but in its place came a vibrant rainbow breaking through heavy cover, stretching downward.
It appeared to be confused as if to ask…Should I stay or should I go?
And it did!
Happy Sunday to you all!

wandakubatnerdin: Motivational Monday: No time to be still. - 10/31/11 02:34 AM

Motivational Monday: No time to be still.
Back in January, I wrote a Motivational Monday post titled Beat All Odds! that talks about overcoming adversity and challenges in life because you-will-be-tested! Through fear, loss or disappointment, we must continue to push through in order to reach the goals set forth, no time to be still.
As we head into November, is time to reflect and look ahead to the coming year. What do you expect to accomplish and how are you going to get there? 2012 will be a new start for me as my real estate partner of 3 years has … (7 comments)

wandakubatnerdin: Motivational Monday: Show up with bells on! - 10/24/11 01:43 AM
Motivational Monday: Show up with bells on!
The surest way to gain a client’s trust is to do what you say. When you set up an appointment to view homes, show up:
On time Every time Enthusiastic Prepared to go Dressed appropriately Arriving late, disheveled and poorly organized will be met with scrutiny and may end a potentially great relationship. That quick! If you’re going to be late, a courtesy call is expected and the least you can do when people are waiting. 
You only get one chance to make a positive impression with new clients so make the effort of arriving … (18 comments)

wandakubatnerdin: Friday Funnies: "I don't THINK so!" - 10/21/11 02:03 AM
  Friday Funnies: "I don't THINK so!" 
Once upon a time a princess met a frog in the forest. The frog said he was a handsome prince until an evil witch cast a spell on him.

"Kiss me, we'll marry and live in the castle." Then you can:
Do all the laundry Mend my clothes Cook the meals Clean the castle Have my children  
As she was eating frog legs for dinner a little later, the independent princess kept licking her lips and saying to herself, "I don't THINK so!"
The moral of this story is … (22 comments)

wandakubatnerdin: Motivational Monday: Slow and steady now! - 10/17/11 02:01 AM

Motivational Monday: Slow and steady now!
Do you still get excited when the phone rings with a new client on the other end of the line? I do and have learned through experience to settle down a bit in order create a winning strategy that better benefits them.
And that includes:
Researching homes that fit criteria Making an informed offer that is based upon local market information Negotiating aggressively to reach an accepted price Setting acceptable timelines for performing due diligence  Reaching settlement and closing By taking the process step-by-step, it allows for a smoother, seamless transaction with less chance … (10 comments)

wandakubatnerdin: Speechless Sunday (almost!): I'll see ya. - 10/16/11 03:17 AM
Speechless Sunday (almost!): I'll see ya.

Known as Alcea ~ Better known as the Hollyhock. Pronounced Al see uh.
I'll see ya along the roadways, in a field among wildflowers and in sporadic clusters spread hither and yon. And smile big knowing I'll see ya vibrant beauty again next season and the one after and after that...!
Hollyhocks are a hardy flowering plant that can grow to heights over 11 feet, is drought resistant and begins to bloom in the Spring and continues through the Summer months well into Fall. The crepe paper-like flowers are round, saucer size, and … (12 comments)

wandakubatnerdin: Habitat for Humanity opportunity! - 10/15/11 04:57 AM
Habitat for Humanity opportunity!
There are hard working people in the community who are in need of good living conditions, who get up each day and go to work to support their families. They may lack the funds for a down payment and pay their rent on time-every time. Do you have a local family in mind who lives in your community and may be a good candidate for a new home? Someone who is not afraid of some hard work in order to get their house built?

Nominate them. It may be the best thing you could do … (5 comments)

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Southern Utah has over 300 days of sunshine per year while offering mild winter temperatures for outdoor activities every day! Add that to the picturesque canyons, red rock cliffs, sandstone bluffs, clean air plus small town atmosphere and you are Home, Sweet Home! Come and experience Southern Utah for yourself! I cover the following areas: - St. George - Hurricane - Washington City - Santa Clara - Ivins - Central - New Harmony - Pine Valley - Toquerville - Veyo - Central Follow @soutah




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