you must do the work: Plan it true. Do the work. Your best gets. - 02/26/19 07:15 AM
Plan it true. Do the work. Your best gets.
The idea of success differs from person to person and may include a number of things that are most important. My focus is to avoid allowing others to determine desired outcomes with clients goals in mind.
Success is:
Paying close attention. Differentiating between what works and knowing when to let go of something that doesn't. Being surrounded by motivated people willing to share, to give that push when required. 
Maintaining clear purpose. By that, it means focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses, solutions rather than problems. That is necessary for forward progress while building a better business.  
Aiming to achieve. Retaining short term and long term goals and implementing them both … (7 comments)

you must do the work: Incredible opportunity begins where uncertainty ends. - 10/16/18 06:59 AM
Incredible opportunity begins where uncertainty ends.
For us humans, maintaining a strong work ethic daily with life's ups and down is pertinent to striking a balance in life. Overcoming feelings of inadequacy or fear are a must.
Desire and motivation play a role in successful habits. A strong work ethic matters in the Praying Mantis’ life. Instinctively, each day is taken to the highest potential without fail.
As we walked through Nerdin Gardens over the weekend, picking vegetables, there they were, on the ready! Which proves that the work has to be done to gain exceptional results.
Don't be upset with the outcome you didn't get because you … (13 comments)

you must do the work: The Fox and the Grapes & Real Estate - 01/26/18 10:29 AM
The Fox and the Grapes & Real Estate 
On a hot summer's day, a Fox was strolling through an orchard, he suddenly came upon several juicy bunches of grapes, suspended high above his reach. Hungry and drooling, he thought, "Just the thing to quench me." 
Taking a running start, he leaped, just missing the tasty bunch. Turning around again and once, twice, three times, he jumped, with no success. Trying again, again and again, he failed to be rewarded for all the effort. 
He finally gave up, walking away with his nose in the air, saying: "I am sure they are sour anyway." It is easy to despise what is not easily attainable. The Fox's appetite … (28 comments)

you must do the work: Don't get upset with the results... - 07/06/17 08:07 PM
Don't get upset with the results...
Hard work still pays off. Some advertisers will tell you otherwise. Enticing vendors often promote instant results or financial freedom with just a click of the mouse. Refuse to buy into the fast track of success. 
Beware of ads that make false promises, ensuring superior outcomes without knowing if the clicker:
is self-motivated has good work ethics possesses industry passion  
These ads lend a premise to lead you on the path to riches, adoration and fame. They may offer a one-time only business opportunity or guaranteed client closing base with a lead generation company. 
In my experience, the Sphere of Influence is still the best database for business now and in the future. If … (6 comments)

you must do the work: If you are too lazy to plow, do not expect a harvest. - 08/31/16 03:10 AM
If you are too lazy to plow, do not expect a harvest.
Preparing the soil to receive and produce nature's gifts is crucial. Putting in the time from tilling, weeding, feeding, installing water systems, planting seeds creates abundance. 
Growing a successful garden requires passion with intentional follow-through. Anything less and you will get a piece of land that is a haven for weeds and bugs. Not much use to anyone.
Lack of sincere effort, shortcutting and ignoring much needed systems, procedures and policies in business will send you packing and pursuing another occupation in virtually no time at all.
So get to plowing, do the work and encourage nature's harvest and your business to flourish by letting it … (5 comments)

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