charlotte real estate: Alive After Five at Charlotte's Piedmont Town Center - 05/06/11 10:17 AM
Jump start your weekend in style by attending Alive After Five at Charlotte's Piedmont Town Center (4725 Piedmont Row Dr).  This is how Charlotte residents kick off their weekends in style.  There will be plenty of free live music, fun and, of course, cocktails for all adults to enjoy.  Get together with friends for the Alive After Five Block Party on Friday, May 6th from 5pm to 10pm.  The regular Alive After Five season will officially launch the following Wednesday, May 11th from 5pm to 10pm every week.
The featured entertainment at Alive After Five's Block Party will be Party on … (0 comments)

charlotte real estate: How Your Credit Score Affects Your Home Buying - 04/22/11 05:43 AM
You have been watching the Charlotte real estate market over the last several years and realize that you really want to buy a home.  Interest rates are still very low, inventory levels are plentiful and prices remain reasonable.  It's the perfect time to buy a Charlotte NC home. But, what is your credit score like?  Before you scan through the MLS, you should learn more about how your credit score affects your ability to purchase a home.
Your credit score is what mortgage companies look at to determine whether you are a good candidate to lend money to. If you have … (1 comments)

charlotte real estate: Gardening Tips in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina - 03/28/11 04:02 AM
Now that Spring is officially here, it is about time to start planning your garden.  Before you even start preparing your soil to plant, you should sit down, plan out what you are going to plant, how your plants are going to look once they bloom and which plants you would prefer to see next to each other.  Here are some gardening tips for the Piedmont region of North Carolina:
FlowersWhile roses and gardenias are beautiful, they are also very high maintenance.  Now that many local North Carolina governments are enforcing water limitations for their residents, flowers like these may not … (0 comments)

charlotte real estate: Get Your Home Ready for Winter - 11/09/10 01:46 AM
With the cold weather upon us, it is now time to get your home ready for winter.  By taking the time to make a thorough investigation of your Charlotte home, you should be able to spot any areas that might pose an entryway for Old Man Winter.  If not addressed, you could spend more time and waste valuable energy.  Here's a checklist of items to pay attention to:
Furnace - Clean or replace the filters.  A dirty filter causes the furnace to be less efficient energy-wise.  Filters should be cleaned or replaced every 3 months to keep your furnace in good working … (1 comments)

charlotte real estate: Prime 2.15 Acres of Wooded Weddington Land for Sale - 09/17/10 09:59 AM
Prime 2+ Acre Wooded Lot with Stream! … (1 comments)

charlotte real estate: Sometimes When You Do the Right Thing...Good Things Happen - 08/27/10 06:34 AM
Every so often, a listing agent is faced with a situation in which the answer is not found in the listing agreement - or in anything related to the listing agreement.  Though it is much easier to say "no", I submit to you that we often need to dig deeper and say "yes" whenever possible.  This is especially true when saying "yes" helps you sleep better at night because you did the right thing and didn't leave someone hanging.
I have a client who is also a personal friend.  A few years ago, I helped her and her family sell their home and … (7 comments)

charlotte real estate: Buying a Home Through a Short Sale - 08/06/10 06:30 AM
Are you interested in buying a home through a short sale?  If you are patient, have already been approved for a home loan and don't need to either sell the current home you are living in or don't have a deadline to move in to the home you want to purchase, you could be the perfect candidate for a Charlotte short sale.
A short sale happens when the homeowner owes more money on their home than it is worth but still needs to sell their home right now (either to avoid foreclosure or because they have to move right away).  A short … (0 comments)

charlotte real estate: Selling Your Home Through a Short Sale - 07/23/10 05:53 AM
Have you found yourself "upside down" on your mortgage (you owe more than your home is worth), are struggling to make your mortgage payments every month and need a way to sell your home without going into foreclosure?  Do you need to sell your home because your job is relocating you elsewhere in the country?  Selling your home through a short sale may be just what you need.
In a short sale, a homeowner makes a deal with the mortgage company to sell the home for less than what is owed on it.  Since the home is worth less than is … (0 comments)

charlotte real estate: The Home Valuation Code of Conduct and Appraisals - 05/27/10 10:33 AM
As of May 1, 2009, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages have been held to a specific standard for solicitation, compensation, selection, conflicts of interest and appraiser independence by the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC).  This means that REALTORS® and mortgage brokers are not allowed to select their own appraisers to help avoid any appearance of "stacking the deck" in favor of their client.
Lenders cannot use any of the loan production staff itself to select, retain, recommend or influence the appraiser selection process in any way.  They also may not be allowed to talk at any length with either an … (2 comments)

charlotte real estate: New Short Sale Rules Streamline the Process - 04/14/10 03:57 AM

There is some possible relief to homeowners who are trying to sell their home via a short sale.  The Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives program (HAFA) offers new short sale rules to streamline the process.
Up until now, it has taken as much as several months to get a short sale completed.  Typically, the seller has had to put the property up for sale without any idea of what the lender will accept.  Because of the length of time it can take for the bank and the buyers to come to an agreement on price, some homes have ended up in … (1 comments)

charlotte real estate: Why You Need a Buyer's Agent - 03/04/10 08:32 AM
Have you ever wondered why you need a buyer's agent?  Money.  It's that simple.  A buyer's agent can save you money - the agent will save you time as well, which, in my book, translates to saving money.
First off, you may think that it's simple to search for homes.  And it is...kinda...if you want to spend all your waking hours on the Internet searching for the perfect home!  From the thousands of homes you can view online, only a handful might truly work for you.  Sifting through this information is a buyers agent's job.  Sit down and talk to your agent.  … (0 comments)

charlotte real estate: How to Sell Your Home Using Basic Economics - 02/12/10 02:41 AM
How is the Charlotte real estate market different than it was 3 years ago?  Or even 5 years ago?  I am suggesting that the basic economics of buying and selling real estate are not all that different.  For sure, the prices are different.  And it's more difficult for sellers that need to sell.  On the flip side, maybe that makes it easier for buyers to purchase a home they want for a price they can pay.  I won't offer an opinion on whether I think a sellers market is "better" than a buyers market.  But one thing that is absolutely true … (1 comments)

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