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Sorry I didn't post my tip of the day yesterday, I think it was a combination of post Yom Kippur stress disorder, writers block and most of all my desire to play with my new toy! I've been looking at this online floor plan product from Alamode and for $ 149 bucks and a 100 day money back guarante...
When I was new in the business I had a little training from Todd Bates ( a paid training sytem called Master your marketing) and one of the habits I picked up from that was to make my prospect calls every morning. Later in my career, I was watching a promotion video from Kinder--Reese and I remem...
Do you run to the home depot everytime you get a new listing and buy the cheapest lockbox you can find? Do you go on line and buy the cheapest mail order dial style? It's just a matter of time before your owner comes home to find their doors open or even worse, that their house has been robbed? U...
I've often heard agents tell me no two transactions are the same. I couldn't disagree more! Why is that the most successful people figure out a system and do the same thing consistently. I always say be married to the action steps and the outcome will take care of itself. Figure out the action st...
I hear the pitter patter of rain on the window, but yet I still have clients. More than that, I still need to sell a house and pay my bills. If you're a listing agent stay in your office today and do paperwork but for the rest of us here's my tip of the day. I just couldn't help myself today and ...
Have you ever heard or had the buyer who was driving through a neighborhood and saw the lockbox on the house so they went up and looked in the window and then they went home and called a realtor? Make sure you're the realtor they call. Here's a quick and easy way to use a window static cling deca...
How many time have you gone to the office supply, thinking "great another way to spend money...I sure wish I'd make some". Here is an easy way to increase your repeat and referral business. It's a simple trick but over time it will add additional sales, listings and rentals to your business.
How many times in your career has a customer or another realtor asked you about the exposure? Sure it's exposed, I put in on and I wrote about it on Active's got good exposure. Here are a few food for thought items concerning exposure. Just so we're all clear, they were aski...
Here is a quick tip I use to turn my lockbox into a mini billboard. I take a vinyl cd holder and tape it to the back of a lockbox, especially in communities with open hallways and heavy foot traffic, then I place about a dozen business cards in the vinyl holder. When people walk buy who are inter...
Sometimes these tips are so simple and yet we're all a bit guilty of not being ready when opportunity knocks!

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