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What if "we the people" foreclosed on the White House.  Yes, "we the people"; the first three words of the American constitution, doesn't say a word about "we the politicians". I know I shouldn't be political with my postings, but it just (no, wait, it really is) seems that government is complete...
Recently a new ice cream shop opened in Ocala, FL, the new proprietors operating in a space previously occupied by another ice cream vendor.  While setting up their shop they came across a costume left by the previous occupants.  I'll let you be the judge......     Their initial customer traffic ...
When Marketing Fails is because two incidents in recent days made me think about how marketing can actually have a very negative effect and the "marketer" may never know or realize why. In my market area we have a service available called Listingbook, it is a service that allows Rel Estate Agents...
The Tampa Bay area doesn't have much of an identity outside of being a winter destination for a bunch of snowbirds (folks who live in the north during the summer months and have second homes here for the winter) and our beaches which are a fairly good draw most of the year.  We try to be "big tim...
Are we laying off the right people?  That's a question I am sure many people across the nation ask themselves and others.  Every month, week and sometimes daily when we hear or see in the news where another company or state, county, or city has been "forced" to layoff workers.  Sometimes they (th...
I don't necessarily agree with our presidents medical policy affectionately named "Obama care", but in a sense it is a step towards helping all Americans gain access to health care.  Even without a health plan, if you go to a hospital emergency room you wil get a "level" of treatment. I understan...
Received a letter, actually a quasi bill sort of, in the mail today explaining that one of my domains was expiring soon and I needed to renew it now.  I know that I have 4 expiring in November as GoDaddy (my registrar) sends me frequent emails reminding me so.  But, this notice was from something...
The title of a recent St. Petersburg Times article was "At The Bottom", noting the fact that the Tampa Bay regions economic recovery ranked 98th out of the top 100 major metro areas since the recession (is it really over) hit its low point in 2010.  Fortunately for us, Sacramento CA and the Cape ...
That is the headline in today's St. Petersburg Times, suggesting that Governor Scott and several state leaders are at least considering a proposal to change the way Florida handles foreclosure cases.  At the present time all foreclosure cases must be presented in and approved through the county c...
Everyone has either had or will have a day like today.  No matter what was planned, not one thing was completed on the goal sheet. Mine started late last night, just after I hit "Post Blog Entry" on my Monday post.  My 78 year old mother called with a stomach ache.  I traveled the five miles to h...

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