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This is a blog on how things are going and how it is to live in Maine. HOpe you all enjoy my sharing a bit of my area I live in.
HAFA: What does this mean for me? If you find you think you are a distressed property owner and are trying to find a way to not go to foreclosure, then this might be your answer. There are qualifications required to be accepted into this new government program which can stream line the short sale...
Here we are at the end of the year. I want to wish all the best of holiday cheer to you. I have been busy with Titanium, working with home owners to help them remain in their homes by filling in a lot of forms to return to their lenders in hopes of a  home mod thru HAMP or HOPE. I am now seeing s...
Here we are towards the end of the year and more news comes to us stating more homes might be coming onto the market due to mortgages being upsidedown. According to Fitch in the media there is an article worth viewing. Fitch reports 2/3 of borrowers are underwater. I want to say I beli...
When it comes to wanting to know where to put some of your money and get a good ROI then land, waterfront,  water access  property might be the way to go. The Sebago Lake region boasts over 45 miles of boating and coves to relax in.There are great places to enjoy kayaking, canoeing, or a quiet sa...
I thought I would just share some thoughts here since I don't have a thought for a blog this week. I have been wracking my brain for an idea and it drew a blank. I think the problem is there are still snow storms happening and I am thinking Spring. I have listed some land and will be listing more...
 Here it is!! The place to check out!!!! 770 Roosevelt Trail, Naples, Me. 207-693-5332.   Steve Kirk has owned the Tiki Bar & Grill in Naples, Me. for the past three years and has brought it to a local mecca of entertainment.  Steve is involved in the Naples local events a...
We need to be aware of snow and the weight it has. When snow accumulates and during this winter withour freezes we need to make sure to take care and not let ice build up. It can get under the eaves and then you might find having insulation getting wet and a pricey fix. So, please take care. The...
Well, I told you I would take a couple of photos. Standing outside my office by my car I took this one which is across the causeway in Naples, Maine. It is looking down Long Lake  These are ice fishing houses/shacks.Inside they might have a little fire going and a hole in the ice for fishing out ...
Today I have been trying to figure how much snow we will actually have by the time I wake in the morning. I went to work this morning only to find about six inches of snow covering my car. The drive home wasn't bad, till I turned onto the secondary roads. Then I realized they weren't plowed and i...
I thought I would look up Naples, Fl and see if we had some sisterhood between the two places. Well, both sell waterfront, both have shops, both have golf courses and both have fine dining. The differences? Well, one is very cold in the winter while the other is the escape from the northern area ...

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