bail bonds: NOT IN MY BACKYARD!!! - 08/18/11 05:57 AM

On August 23rd the San Jose City Council will be voting on an ordinance that will make it virtually impossible for Bail Bonds Offices to locate themselves in close proximity to the main jail. This ordinance was brought about by a handful of downtown residents who feel the bail bonds offices have a negative impact on their neighborhood and are occupying retail space that other businesses such as restaurants could be using. The purpose of the ordinance is to disperse the bail bonds companies throughout the city and away from the jail. 
The jail and bail bonds offices have … (1 comments)

bail bonds: Political Slants Drive Me Crazy - 06/28/11 10:39 AM
So, in an article in the San Jose Mercury News today titled "Dems and Brown agree on budget" it was reported the California Legislature's failure to pass a balanced budget may be coming to an end. However, this comes with bypassing a special election this year of which Dems know they cannot put a vote to the people that will increase taxes because they know it will fail. Instead, Governor Brown is focusing on pushing an initiative for the November 2012 presidential election because "Democrats and their labor allies said would offer more ideal conditions to win on taxes."
That said, … (6 comments)

bail bonds: The Fremont Jail is a model facility for posting bail bonds & efficient operations - 06/24/11 09:03 AM
The Fremont Jail is a small detention facility located at the southern edge of Alameda County and is operated by the Fremont Police Department. Typically, this facility will hold a small amount of arrestees from Fremont for up to 72hours or until the arrestee's first court appearance before they are shipped off to the Main County Jail. The nice part about community jails like Fremont is their ability to operate efficiently because they are not overwhelmed by volume.
A perfect example of how the Fremont Jail operates efficiently is how quickly they process bail bonds and release inmates. In most cases … (1 comments)

Ok so the title of this blog is a bit humorous and totally puts a positive slant on a bad situation, but let me clarify a little based on how my company (Tapout Bail Bonds) operates. Yes we do get people out of jail and yes we do earn a premium for doing so, but we pride ourselves on taking steps to better peoples lives and situations.
First, you must understand that a bail agent's interaction with a defendant or person arrested is minimal. The reality is that most of our interactions are with indemnitors AKA co-signers for the defendant. This … (0 comments)

bail bonds: Are Bail Bondsmen affected by a down economy? - 06/15/11 10:06 AM
You don't know how often I'm asked by people "You're recession proof, right?" or "Business is better for you in a down economy, isn't it?". Well let me set the record straight. NO.
Simply put, when the economy is doing well the crime rate falls, but people have more ability to pay for their bail. In a down economy the crime rate goes up, but less people can afford to pay for their bail. Further, with the lagging real estate market, a bail agent's ability to secure their bail bonds with real estate is much much more difficult. Hence, more exposure … (1 comments)

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