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I'm in the process of upgrading my website with a new brand image (it's so cool!).  While I do this, I'm working on how I can do more to differentiate myself from the other trainers out there.  I'm thinking about what it is that makes me different - why someone would want to work with me as oppos...
I just posted a comment on Jeff Janus' blog that I thought the rest of you might find useful.  It's about getting ranked with the search engines and driving traffic to your site.  So, rather than rewrite it here, I thought I'd get him some more help by just linking to his post from here.  Would l...
To quote Shapespeare - "What's in a name?"  Being someone who has an unusually spelled name, I'm in a position to answer that.  What's in a name?  Everything!  It's MY name.  It's not spelled Kelly or Kellee or Kellie, it's spelled Kelle.  I know it's phonetically stupid.  I've had long discussio...
Notice the Bad Habit The first step to breaking a bad habit is to notice when you do it. Spend the next few days noticing when you are telling yourself a story. Start to recognize the situations in which you are most likely to make up a story. Notice what form your stories usually take. Break the...
Sparta Success Systems is seeking experienced agents (100+ career transactions minimum) with a training background who are interested in training new and experienced agents on consultative selling techniques.  If you've been through Peak Potentials' Train the Trainer program, that's a bonus.We wi...
What would happen if, the next time you sat down with a potential buyer or seller, you focused your entire presentation on them rather than on you? Fears And GoalsBuyers and sellers are stressed out. They're planning major changes in their lives. They want to know two things. Can you get their go...
You Don't Have To List To LastIt's long been said in our industry that "you have to list to last". And in the days of sub agency, where the only side of the deal that was guaranteed was the listing side, this was true. But today, with the advent of buyer agency, there is more to real estate than ...
Do you find that you go above and beyond the call of duty to handle problems and your clients never seem to appreciate it?  There are several reasons why you may be having this problem.Managing Your Clients' ExpectationsIf you are not making sure that your clients have reasonable expectations, th...
I took a class from The Nurture Institute on how to cultivate clients more effectively. This is system works well with any client, but particularly well with the affluent. Today, I want to talk to you about this form of marketing in regards to working with your past clients. The concept is simple...
Are You a Highly Motivated, Entrepreneurial Thinker?Do You Have a Background in Real Estate?(Even Better) Do You Have a History of Using our Products and Training?Then WE WANT YOU!Sparta Success Systems is looking for high-quality salespeople.  This is a commission-based position and will require...

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