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OK - So I wrote you guys a few days ago about pimping my Twitter profile background.  I used the one that I referenced then (, but it just wasn't ENOUGH for me.  You know how that goes?  So I was touring other people's sites and found one I liked that said:  This background created ...
Have you noticed recently that the world seems to be delayed?  I placed an order on for my Thai Deoderant Stone (great product BTW - before I dropped the last one and shattered it into many, many pieces, it had lasted me for over 5 years), but my order didn't get shipped for a week!  I...
I sent out a tweet today with Lily Tomlin's quote "Forgiveness is giving up all hope of a better past."  I love that quote because it's so true.  Forgiveness isn't saying that it's OK something happened.  It's not saying that you'd want it to happen again or that you're willing to be a doormat, k...
Setting ExpectationsWhen my business partner and I decided to start selling houses together, we also decided that having a partnership agreement in place was a good idea.  We figured that the more we spelled out in writing, the more we identified who was responsible for what and what the expectat...
I was reading Chris Brogan's newsletter recently and he referenced a great tool that I am now using.  It's a downloadable egg timer.  Basically, you set up the amount of time you want it to count down and it will do that until it reaches the end and then it makes a sound of your choosing (I chose...
I've heard people say that losing faith in God (or whatever higher power you believe in) is the worst thing ever, but I don't believe that's true.  It's bad, yes, but even worse than that is losing faith and trust in yourself. Are You Trustworthy to You?When we make bad decisions or when things a...
Remembering The PastThere's a pricing convention we all have that few realize where it comes from.  Being old, and having been in the business forever (since 1993), I remember.  You see many years ago, there was something called at "listing book".  It was a printed version of the MLS.  Most agent...
I love learning new things, don't you?  Today I have been working on expanding my network for my new Twitter account that tells people about the Free Real Estate Training Blog and as I was following realtors and trainers across the country, I learned something new.  (I love this business!)  You s...
Have you heard of Oodle?  It's a free classified for listing homes, cars, and other things online.  (Seems they are trying to compete with Craigslist.)  Regardless of whether they are going to be successful or not, putting your listings on Oodle gives you several benefits: If you put a link to yo...
Are you terrible at keeping secrets?  FAAAAABULOUS!Because this shouldn't be kept a secret!  If you've been following my blog and my tweets, then you know that I've been hatching a secret.  Well, it's finally fully hatched and I can tell you all about it.  Real FuturesA few months ago, I called m...

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