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With Oil prices reaching all-time record highs and gas prices rising on a daily basis, it's worth taking a look at whether anything happened over the last decade that may have averted our current dilemma. Two significant factors come to mind: (1) The continued transfer of oil to the Strategic Oil...
I was recently invited to a friend's house for an "Emergency Preparedness" evening. The guest speaker was Cari Butler from Emergency Cafe - an Emergency Preparedness Consultant based in Los Angeles. It all began when her daughter started pre-school and was required to have a personal emergency ki...
Geek Question: How do I list a person's name in my Blog so that their name links to their Blog?
Effective July 1st, 2008, it will become illegal to drive a vehicle in the state of California while using a hand held cell phone.  Drivers who violate the law will face a base fine of $20 for a first offense and $50 for each subsequent offense. The law allows drivers to use a handheld cell phone...
1. Who is your favorite musical artist?  Frank Sinatra (a mandatory classic) and dare I say, Barbra Streisand? I'm also enjoying Josh Groban right now. 2. Who is your favorite artist?   I don't have any one single favorite, but I enjoy the works of Joan Miro (the surprise of surrealism) and Henri...
Pre-qualified - This is where a loan officer has determined a borrower is credit worthy and financially able to qualify for a certain loan. Pre-approved - This is where a lender confirms in a letter that the borrower's credit, bank references and employment have been verified. However, the letter...
Winston Churchill was one of the greatest orators of all time. With just a few carefully chosen words he made profound statements. So the words one uses obviously matter. I remember a Rabbi who once said: "Keep your words soft and sweet, because one day you may have to eat them". How profound was...
A Gallup Poll is an opinion poll conducted by The Gallup Organization, which has existed since the 1930's. The Gallup Poll is named after its inventor - George Gallup - an American statistician. Historically, the Gallup Organization has measured and tracked current public attitudes and opinion co...
Are you one of the 130 Million taxpayers in line to receive a tax rebate check? And if so, have you received it yet? Of those people who have received their checks so far, 43% rate the economy as "poor", while 18% say its "excellent" or "good" (I can't understand how anyone would rate the economy...
American Airlines has announced it will start charging $15 to check your first bag of luggage, while Spirit Airlines in Florida will charge $5 each of a customer's two when booking online. At the airport, the charge goes to $10 for each of the first two bags. Additional bags will cost $100 each. ...


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