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I've been a member of ActiveRain since May 2008, and since then I've met a great number of wonderful friends and associates. I've shared ideas and thoughts, learnt from my associates and enjoyed the opportunities created through ActiveRain. 2008 has been a brutal year. We've endured the continued...
This week an agent who hangs his license under my Brokerage closed a short sale with the approval of the Seller and Lender. Two days later the escrow company hadn't issued commission checks so I called to enquire why there was a delay. The escrow officer requested I send her a breakdown of the co...
I recently purchased an iPhone and an iMac, and am tremendously impressed with these products from APPLE. I'm also a bit overwhelmed with their capabilities and applications.  So I thought it would be great to form a group dedictaed to APPLE products where we could share our experiences using thi...
It was with a feeling of nostalgia today when I learned that Polaroid film will no longer be available in stores .... and that instant film is to be a thing of the past. "Sixty years after Polaroid first introduced its first instant camera, the iconic film is disappearing from stores." (AP) Now I...
"Insane, outrageous and ridiculous." There aren't adjectives powerful enough to aptly describe the arrogance and blatant stupidity displayed by the senior management of Merrill Lynch. reports that Merrill's chief executive - John Thain - is up for a $10 Million bonus for 2008. "New Y...
This weekend I was thinking about the huge amount of money that the auto industry is looking for as part of a "Bailout Package". Then I had an idea: Management and all senior executives should have a very real incentive to perform. They need to have some of their own wealth at stake. My idea is s...
There are some great restaurants situated on trendy and prestigious Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. There's Comme Ca, Taste and Luques to name a few. And then there's Ago - probably the best Italian restaurant in the area and one of the finest in Los Angeles. Ago is bustling and busy and a favo...
I recently blogged about the fact that General Motors had an Electric Car that was recalled from consumers and that those cars were destroyed (around 2003). That was incredible because those cars had technology that could have made America independent of foreign oil. A comment from a fellow Activ...
About 6 months ago, I posted a Blog called: Who killed the electric car, and why? In light of the huge sums of money that the auto industry is asking for from Taxpayer's money, I think it's appropriate to revisit the question. The technology was available to avert our dependence from foreign oil,...
Proposition 8 - The Musical - Many a truth is told in jest ....!!


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