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A Gallup Poll is an opinion poll conducted by The Gallup Organization, which has existed since the 1930's. The Gallup Poll is named after its inventor - George Gallup - an American statistician. Historically, the Gallup Organization has measured and tracked current public attitudes and opinion co...
LA Pride 2008 West Hollywood, CAWest Hollywood is proud of its dynamic gay and lesbian population and it shows at the annual Christopher Street West LGBT Pride Parade and Festival. The two-day festival celebrates diversity and culture with booths, food, exhibits, and performances. The parade on S...
Do you know that when a spouse in a straight marraiage dies, and the property (owned by the two spouses) is valued for Estate Duty purposes, there is what is called a "stepped up basis" which is not applicable in Gay Marriages or Civil Unions. Practically, what this means is that if a property is...
I appreciate and respect all referrals and deals. However, I'm torn on the issue of certain Lease Negotiations. I receive several enquiries from clients to rent apartments and condos in the areas I work. The problem is some of the client's expectations do not correlate to their budgets. I don't w...
  West Hollywood (Weho) is an incorporated city in Los Angeles County, California (1984). The City is bordered on the north by the Hollywood Hills, on the east by the Hollywood District of Los Angeles, on the west by the city of Beverly Hills, and on the south by Melrose & the Beverly Center area...
CNN Business featured an interesting article today. "Can $15 billion and some paint save your 'hood?" The Bush Administration released a comment stating President Bush would veto this $15 Billion bill...
CNN featured an interesting article today titled: "White House opposes Housing Package". "Official contends Democrats' package is a bailout that would expose taxpayers to risk, says Bush would veto $15B bill to rehabilitate foreclosed properties".

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