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Good Afternoon,   I grew up in a small town, Winnebago MN.  Where the family business, plumbing and heating will be celebrating its 60th year in business come 2015.  For all intents and purposes, I feel Rich. Coming from a family where grocery money was earned from pop can recycling in tougher ti...
Good morning,   I wanted to send out a belated and heartfelt thanks to our Veteran’s.    Thank you for your service…which is to say, thank you for the time you spend away from your family so I can spend more time with mine.  Thank you for putting your lives at risk, your families through worry an...
Good morning,   Once again, interest rates are holding steady in this nice and low pattern. So on to the election results…   I’m sure we’re all glad to be done with the campaign ads and honestly, I don’t care who you voted for so long as you got out to vote.  It looks like the initial projections...
Good Morning,   Some of you may have heard about the stock market dropping dramatically this morning, others may have had no clue.  For a Mortgage Broker, we watch the market trends throughout the day.  Especially when the stock market and the bond market start moving in the most dramatic fashion...
Good Morning,   As some of you have gotten to know over the years, I’m a baseball fan.  At least I was 5 years ago when the Twins could keep their losses under 90 a season. So, each year, I pick a playoff team and follow them through the postseason. Any suggestions? Give me a reason to watch. I’m...
Hello there!   My snow blower is tuned up and ready to go…wait, what?  Too early?  Yeah, I certainly hope I won’t be using it until January.  After last year, we need a nice looooong fall.  It’d give us all some time to head up to the North shore, Hike along Temperance River and take in the fall ...
Good Morning,   With everyone back into the fall swing and the crisp, cool air reminding us that change is seemingly everywhere, it’s about time we see a change in rate trends as well.  Small as though it may seem, interest rates are up by .125% from last week. There was a time when the ebb and f...
Good Morning,   I was looking back through past Market Update’s this morning to determine the last time we saw interest rates higher than our current climate.    Are you ready for this?  July 2nd.  Outside of small ups and downs from day to day, mortgage interest rates have essentially held at th...
Good Morning,   I hate summer!  Not because of the Mosquitos, nor the humid hot days that signal the start of the State Fair…have you seen the forecast?!?  It’s not even the fact that on a Wednesday in the mid 70s, I’m sitting in an office and staring out a window.     What do I hate about summer...
Good Morning,   I HAVE TO TYPE THIS IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS TO MAKE IT SOUND LIKE I’M YELLING.  Now that I’m done with that, let’s reassure you that there is no reason to really yell, the word play is something I couldn’t resist.   Janet Yellen, The Federal Reserve Chair who took over for Ben Bern...

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