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Good morning,   As expected last week, rates rose to 5.375% through Friday of last week.  Today’s market reactions have brought us back down to where we were last week. There was a rally in the market based on the positive results of the 2-year Treasury Auction being released yesterday.     This...
Good morning,   We have seen a nice little rally over the past couple days resulting in interest rates dropping by .25%.  Not too shabby.   As with last week, tomorrow brings another Treasury auction announcement from the Federal Reserve which more than likely means we will see a slight deterior...
Good morning,   Rates have bounced a bit higher and back down over the past week and with the financial reports expected today, we could very well see rates tick up a bit higher by the end of the day today.   That being said, the Federal Reserve is issuing two major statements today that could l...
  Good afternoon,   Rates have taken a slight rise over the past few days and have settled so far.  The main news that has been causing a rise in rates is due to more and more mortgage bonds being auctioned off by the Federal Reserve.  This mornings announcement from the Federal reserve is an add...

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