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Good Morning   Over the past 4 days, we have seen Mortgage Bonds declining in the market, what does that lead us to?  Higher interest rates. You will see that from this time last week, interest rates have risen by .25%.  This is a huge jump compared to the movement we have been seeing over the p...
Good Morning   Rates have lowered a little this morning after a bad day in the stock market yesterday. As always, there are multiple reasons why this may have happened, one theory is that this big move was in part due to China raising interest rates unexpectedly.  The theory goes that if China’s...
Good Morning   Once again, interest rates are holding steady, the 15 year fixed has dropped a little more but that’s about it.   The news that we have been watching was the carefully chosen words from the Federal Reserve yesterday when their meeting minutes were released.  Their seems to be a gr...
Good Morning   It seems that we have a floor set on interest rates, rates rose slightly once again mid week and then dropped back down to the rates we’ve been seeing for the past month.  In fact I decided to look back over the past year and see if there was any week where we actually dropped low...

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