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Good Morning,   I hope everyone had a good Christmas and are continuing to enjoy the holiday season for all celebrations and walks of life.   We had an interesting first Christmas with Elle, the poor girl caught croup (a very deep coughing cold) late Christmas Eve leaving us home for the holiday...
Happy Holidays!!!  Be safe and thankful for everything that went well in 2010.     Thanks Matt     Rates: 30 year fixed at 4.875% and the 15 year at 4.25%, FHA: 4.75%: As always rates change with individual credit scenarios and programs, with credit in the mid 700s and a 20% down payment these r...
Good Morning,   We are continuing the trend of slowly rising interest rates since November 23rd.  There really hasn’t been too much changing or financial drama going on over the past week and that is one of the main reasons this pattern is continuing.   So, this got me thinking: We’ve had ridicu...
Good Morning,   It has been a bad couple of days for Mortgage Backed Securities and this trend is continuing to drive rates higher.  Still, with interest rates hovering on the bubble of 5%, there is no reason to complain, rates this low are still great to have around considering that at one poin...
Good Morning!   I hope everyone had a good holiday, our first Thanksgiving with our four month old went off without a hitch.  We hosted as we have the past few years and let everyone bring the food to us as long as we provide the turkey.  So far so good.   Rates rebounded for the better late las...

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