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Good Afternoon!   If you are anything like me, the summer has flown by way too quickly and next week comes the family vacation, which should be a relaxing time with a couple 2 year olds at a cabin north of Brainerd for the week. Wait, we’ll still be running after them everywhere…so maybe not as r...
Good Morning,   Elle had a wonderful 2nd Birthday party, thanks for asking!   On to the financial news: Yesterday Ben Bernanke testified on Monetary Policy to the Senate Finance Committee. He commented on what most in the financial world expected him to talk about, namely the struggling economy h...
Good Morning,   How was your Fourth?  We had a nice and simple barbeque at the in-laws and then watched the Woodbury fireworks show from our cul-de-sac after the little one went to bed.  In a year or so, we may be able to keep Elle up long enough to see them too.  Tomorrow we celebrate her 2nd Bi...
Good Morning,   I hope everyone is doing what they can to stay cool, or on vacation…swimming somewhere on a forecasted 99 degree day.    Once again, rates are holding steady from last week and this got me thinking a little. When I first got into the mortgage industry 10 years ago, interest rates ...
Good Afternoon,   Rates are continuing to dip even further right now and it appears that we may see them hold at these lows even longer with the Federal Reserve’s statement today stating that they will be extending Operation Twist.     Click on the links for more a much more extensive explanation...
Good Morning,   Once again, rates are staying at tremendous lows but I want to spend today’s update briefly touching on something I go over with each of my clients when refinancing, namely, does it make sense to refinance at the lowest rate you can get?  The answer: Sometimes but not always. Ther...
Good Morning,   I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! A huge thank you to the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country.  How’d you enjoy your extended weekend?  Shannon and I decided to keep it very simple and spend the day with just us and our daughter. It’s funny ho...
Good Afternoon,   I feel like this is getting a bit repetitive, Greece again is dominating the financial news in the mortgage world and you’ll see that rates remain extremely low. Before we go further into the Greece scenario, let’s see how this plays out over the coming weeks. Instead, I’m in th...
Good Afternoon,   As expected, mortgage rates are holding steady from last week. So, what’s going on this week?  Right now the main financial concern once again revolves around Greece and CNNMoney has good article on it here.  Basically, there are fears developing throughout the country that Gree...
Good Afternoon,   With my daughter fervently resting after having tubes put in this morning, I figured I’d take advantage of her nap to get this week’s market update out instead of waiting until I get back in the office tomorrow.  Everything went well and hopefully this will be the end of her ago...

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