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Good morning,   Rates have continued to drop since last week. Even though the market isn’t doing anything excitedly different, rates are dropping because the banks are starting to see a consistency in this current market pattern.  As with most market activity, a lot of decisions end up being made...
Good afternoon,   What a crazy week it has been for the markets so we’re going to keep this short and sweet.  When money is taken out of the stock market it is usually invested in what most would consider a safer haven, treasury bonds and mortgage backed securities both benefit from this and that...
Good morning,   For those of you who were looking for last week’s update, you’ll get all the info this week.  Last week we took a short vacation up to the Whitefish chain for our first family vacation now that our daughter is one. I’ve attached my favorite photo of my two girls from the 3 day exc...
Good Morning, hope you’re staying inside and cool today! It’s been a quirky week in the market but the day to day volatility has led us back to the exact same spot we were at last week. The only major news today is once again out of China who recently released a statement to the U.S. strongly enc...
Good morning, I hope everyone had an enjoyable and fun holiday weekend. Shannon and I went to a wedding in Green Bay while the grandparents got some quality time with Elle. It’s always fun to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in years coming from Colorado, Ohio, New York and even Norway. It ...
Good morning, As you’ll see once again, there has been very little movement in interest rates so let’s talk some Baseball. For any of you that care, I can’t believe how well this team has been doing after the way they started the season. I have to admit I’ve been a very fair weather fan this seas...
Good morning, Interest rates are trending slightly up from last week but still remain at amazingly low levels. With May and June’s home sales reports showing that we are still in a lull, who are buying homes? Maybe a better question is: When is the right time to buy a home when values could still...
Good morning, Yestereday, Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, spoke about the economy and the current state. What he said seemed to be detrimental to Stock Market investors which is helping keep rates at these amazing lows. Basically, he noted that the market is not performing as well ...
Good afternoon, We are seeing another pleasant dip in interest rates coming into today, the main reason for this continued benefit to interest rates lies in the economic reports consistently showing that the economy is still very slow right now. When we investors start to see consistent economic ...
Good afternoon, I had to catch up on the French Open news this morning as for a tennis fan, it’s traditionally the most unpredictable of tournaments. In reality, with weddings, a little girl and all that comes with a family, I’m only daydreaming about catching up on the tournament. Interest rates...

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