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Good morning,   Is it spring yet?  I’m wearing a short sleeve shirt to the office but it seems that mother nature isn’t getting with the program.  Especially with more snow coming later this week. Hmmm, I guess we must live in Minnesota.  March snow brings April snow which brings May snow which b...
Good Morning!   Last week I touched base on the potential shift in interest rates if the Federal Reserve meeting brought information to light for investors that hadn’t been expected.  If you look to the interest rates below you will see no change but last week was a different story.  We watched i...
Good Morning!   Once again Rates are holding steady.  The big news today is that Janet Yellen will have her first policy making meeting this afternoon after taking over for Ben Bernanke as the head of the Federal Reserve.   With the emotional nature of reaction, it’s good know what many analysts ...
Good Morning!   Ah, I remember it like it was just yesterday.  My 1 year old was spending every other week teething and then getting a cold turned into an ear infection , rinse and repeat. I believe remembering this is called PTSD. Then a couple years flew by as I acclimated to sleeping regularly...
Good Morning!   Yep, it’s cold.  It’s winter, so I guess it’s to be expected. Let’s move on.   There is some worry that the housing sector has seen its best leap forward come and go already. Frankly, I don’t buy it.  With this debilitating weather throughout the country, home sales are still risi...
Good Morning!   Interest rates remain steady from last week and a lot of this has to do with what is to come later this afternoon.  The Federal Reserve’s meeting minutes will be released at 1pm central today.  Both the stock and the bond market seem stalled at the moment leading most of us to bel...
Good Morning!   I can’t say this is a surprise but interest rates are higher than last week.  Did we honestly feel rates were going to keep going lower again?  It would take something monumental to do so.   We’ll keep it short and sweet this week.  Now that we’re almost 40 degrees warmer than yes...
Good Morning,   Do you remember where interest rates were before this past Thanksgiving?  No?  Well, take a look below and this will remind you because they have been slowly lowering over the past week.   There is a lot of speculation as to why rates are dipping but most of it is due to the stock...
Good Morning!   Being the warmest day thus far in the week, I felt that greeting needed to be exclaimed.    Rates have lowered over the past week, a lot of this is simply due to the slower economic climate during the holiday season.  Does this mean that home prices are topping out as coined by th...
Good morning,   Interest rates have held pretty consistently again this week and that has led to a few interesting conversations over the past week or so.  As I had mentioned (as well as almost everyone else) a while back, the Federal Reserve has started reducing their Quantitative Easing (or bon...

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