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Good morning,   Interest rates have held pretty consistently this week, so let’s talk about equally important matters.   Are you wondering how that subject lends itself to the mortgage market?  I sure am.  Let’s see where this goes…   First off, my son turns one today putting the end cap on my 13...
Happy New Year!   I hope everyone was able to take some time to reflect and enjoy their friends and family over the holidays.  Sometimes, it can be a very difficult thing to do with all the rushing around and expectations we each have on how things are supposed to go.   I try to remind myself tha...
Good morning,   Yesterday, I came across THIS article on homeowners who are still underwater. The gist: 1 in 10 in the metro.  Depending on your preference for wearing horse blinders, this could be seen good or bad. Yes, this number means that things are improving but it also shows a large percen...
Good morning,   I like wool socks.  Especially on a day like today. With a predicted -35 wind chill today it made me think back to the coldest weather I was ever out in…and guess what, it makes today seem balmy.  The first time my college classes were cancelled back in 1997 the wind chill hit -80...
Good morning,   Did you enjoy your commute into work this morning.  I certainly would have preferred to avoid it. Conversely,  I love the snow to brighten up the cloudy and dreary days, so I’m not going to complain...much.   The last two weeks have been terrible for interest rates but we’re still...
So Matt, what happened last week?  I didn’t see a Market Update??    Good question Matt, and I’ll be happy to answer that question.  Unfortunately we had a respiratory infection making its way through the family.  Everyone is happy and healthy now, albeit still sleep deprived so I’m back at full ...
Good Morning,   Did you see this? Kmart’s Thanksgiving schedule? Wow.  I remember being in highschool and working in fast food when everyone scrambled to switch shifts to leave the day before Thanksgiving for family travels. There was always a few poor souls that were going to be stuck telling th...
Good Morning,   Interest rates are continuing to trickle a little lower.  Today’s investing seems to be based on the Federal Reserve speaking today and whispers that tapering of Quantitative Easing will be announced.  If the whispers are to be believed, then this will be a short term timeframe fo...
Good Morning,   Any interest in watching this year’s World Series?  I know many baseball fans who don’t want to watch the same teams battle for another trophy. Personally, I’d like to see an underdog in the mix but I also appreciate the perfection and will to win that both of these teams carry.  ...
Good Morning,   I’ll keep this short this week.  I’m sure most of us have heard just about enough about the debt ceiling.  In case you do want to catch up on the potential issues at the end of today I’d go HERE.   Rates have been remaining low with the outstanding concerns of this standoff in con...

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