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Good Morning,   I honestly didn’t expect to be talking about the government shutdowns effect on the mortgage market this week.  I was hoping that the stubborn children in Washington could act as appropriately as my 3 year old when she realizes that her tactics aren’t solving anything.  No party s...
Good morning!   Now that we’re officially in October my mind is firmly on baseball and watching the Twins in the playoffs…2010 was a great season.  I may have to watch some clips while we continue to struggle in the present.   Interest rates have been holding pretty steady since the announcement ...
Ah, fall in Minnesota.  The crisp cool air, the start of the leaves turning color and for most of my friends in their mid thirties or a little further in life, the welcome relief of school starting J My kids are a few years off from that stage so I plan on just enjoying their young energy (as muc...
Good morning!   Will the Fed Taper off their quantitative easing (QE) policy and if so, how aggressively?  That’s the big question that everyone is asking today.  HERE is a great article that goes over what  is once again as well as the expectations for what we should be seeing when the Federal R...
Good Morning,   You will see rates have remained stable over the past week and instead of details I always like to share stories on this date.   I was driving to work 12 years ago when the first plane hit, stuck on the highway I was wondering to myself if this was real or a ‘war of the world’s’ r...
Good Morning,   Rates are up a little from last week and the main talk throughout the markets is really no different than you are probably seeing in the local news: Syria.   It’s a complicated subject and I’m sure there is not a 100% correct answer to the situation. If we have the means to stop h...
Good Morning!   I wanted to take this hot and steamy summer day to do two things.  First, I fully plan on staying inside and avoiding the state fair on a 95 degree day.  Second, I wanted to take a brief sabbatical from talking about the markets and instead offer a little insight to how I go about...
Good Morning,   Have you ever been to Gary, Indiana? I know I haven’t but for the hardworking few interested in fixing up a home.  There are some houses for sale for $1.00.  Seems to be an interesting idea to turn around the condition of a neighborhood.   Rates took a hefty leap over the past wee...
Good Morning!   I absolutely love this weather.  I can't say that enough.  Waking up in the crisp, cool air.  Enjoying a rich dark coffee while listening to one kid cough and the other beg to watch a TV show instead of going to school.  Fall must be here early!   Surprisingly, rates have not shif...
Good Afternoon,   There hasn’t been a lot of news across the market this past week but the few pieces of financial news that have been talked about are helping to move money out of the stock market and back into the bond market.  In turn, interest rates are trending back down from last week.   Wi...

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