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Good Morning,   Interest rates are in line with last week after a brief amount of volatility yesterday. As a testament to how quickly emotion can determine trading, yesterday the Associated Presses Twitter account was hacked.  The information posted stated the Whitehouse was bombed quickly causin...
Good Morning,   Below you will see that interest rates are trending a little lower from last week, there has been some minor volatility in the market over the past week but nothing that changes the general consensus in a slow rise in interest rates over the course of this year.  So on to more imp...
Good Morning,   Yesterday’s afternoon was quite volatile in the market place and although no one can be sure, some are pointing to this big OOPs.  Which is that the Federal Reserve’s meeting minutes were released early yesterday afternoon.   The main point the market is hanging on is how soon the...
Good Morning,   Now that April 1st has come and gone it’s a good time to recap the changes that were announced for FHA loans on January 31st.  The first portion of the two major changes are now in effect as of the 1st.  The details are in the letter, the brief synopsis is below   1.       April 1...
Good afternoon,   Have you ever been to Greece?  Ever thought about it?  With the Euro dropping in value in relation to the US Dollar, this would be the most affordable time to take the trip in the past four years.    With the news of Cyprus, there are fears that several other countries like Gree...
Good Afternoon,   Holy Crap is it cold, welcome to spring in Minnesota!   Rates are near unchanged from last week after a little bouncing around but are trending a little lower and may dip by .125% in the coming days.  The main economic news this week is Cyprus, the tiny island off of Greece is i...
Good Afternoon,   After a few weeks of rates inching lower, they are trending right back up, a lot of this due to positive employment numbers reported last Thursday with more jobs created and unemployment falling to 7.7%, which is the lowest it’s been in nearly four years.   So, what’s the long t...
Good Morning,   This week leads us to a nice reprieve in the rising interest rate trend with rates dipping lower this week.  So what changed?  In short: Italy. Election results this week sparked fears that the new financial policies, or lack thereof, could reignite the debt crisis plaguing the Eu...
Good Morning,   Interest Rates are holding fairly steady from last week but there could be some volatility later today into tomorrow.  This afternoon the Federal Reserve will release their meeting minutes and investors like to scour and read into the content to try and determine what action the F...
Good Morning,   Okay, I’ll admit with Valentine’s day coming up tomorrow, I couldn’t resist that subject line.  We’ll keep this week’s update short and sweet. Rates are continuing to rise.  The main culprits this week are Spain showing some positive signs and a less than stellar bond auction by t...

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