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Good Morning,   We’ve seen a little reprieve in interest rates over the past week, namely Europe’s continued issues have driven the Euro lower, shifting money to the US Bond market and Mortgage Backed securities. Giving rates a nice little drop .   The big announcement this week came from FHA.  C...
Good Morning,   Well, the past two weeks have flown by for me and as some of you already know, our son joined the family on January 15th.  So my weekly update is a few weeks late this time around but I don’t plan on having another child anytime soon, so we should be back on schedule for a while! ...
Good Morning,   I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays thoroughly and safely.  We enjoyed them as much as possible and with a due date for our second child being 11 days out, we’re expecting a new addition to our family any day now.   On to the financial news.  So, the fiscal cliff was just narro...
Good Morning,   First a quick synopsis of the market.  Rates are holding steady but are teetering on moving back up due to a lot of hope on investors part that the fiscal cliff talks will result in positive gains in the stock market.  Which would move money out of mortgage bonds and drive interes...
Good Morning,   Interest rates are staying fairly consistent as of late and as I’ve mentioned before, a large part of this is due to Quantitative Easing III, in which the Federal Reserve is spending $40 Billion dollars purchasing Mortgage Bonds, which keeps long term interest rates stabilized. I’...
Good Morning,   You will see that interest rates are holding steady and may be poised to dip lower if the current trends continue, although I don’t see them lowering by much.  A lot of what is driving the mortgage backed security and bond market right now is the uncertainty of a solution for the ...
Good Morning,   I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  It’s a great way to get a little extra padding to keep us warm through the winter.  At least that’s what I like to tell myself through the holiday season.   Rates are holding fairly steady but are starting to trickle down a little lower o...
Good Morning,   First and Foremost, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I hope you have time to connect with your families over the holiday…at least the ones you want to spend time with J  Every year, Shannon and I host her and my family in an attempt to see as much of our family as possible.  Then ...
Good Afternoon,   Interest rates have risen since last week, Matt.  What the heck happened?  Well, we could call it the post-election swap or we could call it the ‘fiscal-cliff’ betting plan or lack thereof.    The Fiscal Cliff, or an expiration of tax breaks coupled with a newer tax plan as of 1...
Good Morning,   Regardless of your political affiliation, there is something that wells up inside and makes me proud to be an American on election day. Even in the event that nothing has really changed from yesterday.  We will still have a President fighting against congress and senate to get any...

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