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                                       This past summer I traveled to South Africa for the first time.  The area that I spent most of my time is a highly impoverished community called Kliptown. It is located in the township of Soweto in Johannesburg SA. My mission was to help this community to st...
I am just looking into possibly of becoming a member of an online lead generating referral company. Have any of you activerainer had any experience with ? Maybe you have another company you would rather recommend. Or, maybe you have an opinion about doing...
There was an (Associated Press) article printed a while back in our local newspaper The Grand Rapids Press. It was titled "Haggling over real-estate commission fees wont hurt.". I had pondered this article with thoughts of what the public perception of realtor's and their services might be. I dec...
This is not my typical light and fluffy fun posts that I enjoy writing. You may realize my week was not anything near fluff and fun. In fact it was a week of frustration, and well, throwing in the towel when I really didn't want to.This post is really more of a few questions posed to those of you...
I recently showed several homes to a first time buyer. Her list consisted of 11 homes in the Grand Rapids MI area. Let me rephrase that; 11 "almost" homes.  We had approximately 2.5 hours to do this with only half of that time involving daylight. Lucky for the both of us I had my trusty flashligh...
When I first started out in this business I was eager to get my name out there but I wanted to do it in a fun way. I wanted to be unique and have people remember me beyond the marketing dollars I would need to spend.I went to  the local movie theater (Celebration Cinema in Grand Rapids) and rente...
Ever had to turn an "Okay" listing to an "OH WOW!" listing?I had a frustrated seller call me recently. He and his wife had their home for sale for a vey long time with no offers and very little traffic. He was looking into hiring me for the job as his listing was due to expire with the last realt...
I wrote a previous post on my trip to SoCal but what I did not discuss was our journey there on the airplane. Being prone to air sickness, a white knuckled flyer, preferring a stalled automobile over a stalled airplane, flying (as you guessed) is not my favorite form of transportation. Yeah I kno...
If you have not had the exhilerating experience of being Meme'd yet, Look out!!! When I got an email from Larry Hammelman notifying me of my being Meme'd my heart began to race. I thought I had just broken some blogging law. I began recalling other posts I had written wondering what I may have sa...
  Being a West Michigan hometown gal who always liked being home for the holidays, I never thought I would say those words in my title line. You see I am rather nostalgic when it comes to the holidays. I love being close to the family and all the Christmas traditions that we have enjoyed together...

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