sue prins website: Oh Beautiful For Spacious Skies... - 01/23/08 02:06 PM
I wrote a previous post on my trip to SoCal but what I did not discuss was our journey there on the airplane. Being prone to air sickness, a white knuckled flyer, preferring a stalled automobile over a stalled airplane, flying (as you guessed) is not my favorite form of transportation. Yeah I know, it is far safer to travel to CA by plane than auto. I also know the stats of air accidents over car accidents and all that stuff. What can I say though; it's just not my thing.
Having said all of that, I have to admit there really … (10 comments)

sue prins website: Oh My Beating Heart! I JUST GOT MEME'D!!! - 01/21/08 04:57 PM
If you have not had the exhilerating experience of being Meme'd yet, Look out!!! When I got an email from Larry Hammelman notifying me of my being Meme'd my heart began to race. I thought I had just broken some blogging law. I began recalling other posts I had written wondering what I may have said to violate all that is blogger holy. Whew, I am happy to say that was not it. In fact I was "it". I had just gotten tagged!! And like the childhood tag game I played with my neighborhood friends when I was a kid, I would … (8 comments)

sue prins website: There's No Place Like So-Cal For The Holidays! - 01/05/08 05:20 PM
Being a West Michigan hometown gal who always liked being home for the holidays, I never thought I would say those words in my title line. You see I am rather nostalgic when it comes to the holidays. I love being close to the family and all the Christmas traditions that we have enjoyed together over the years. I like the Christmas decorations and parties. And yes, I like waking up on Christmas morning, jumping out of my bed to hopefully see a fresh white blanket of snow covering our yard and home. Just like it was for many of you (who live in West Michigan) … (11 comments)

sue prins website: Home Sweet Home- Kick Off Your Shoes And Stay Awhile - 12/15/07 04:17 PM
What makes Grand Rapids Michigan such a special place to visit? And even better- to live? I am sure I can come up with a lot of wonderful attributes that make Grand Rapids a stand out but what I think makes it so special is #1 the friendly people and #2 the variety of things to do and see within a relatively small radius.
I will write a subsequent post about the later of the two but for this post I will focus mostly on the subject of the people in GR.
I would like to share with you an article that … (8 comments)


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