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So I'm new to this whole AR thing, but apparently I've been "meme'd" which apparently means that I have to tell you all 5 things that you don't know about me. So here goes: 1. I was a chess prodigy when I was a kid. I was #4 in the country 12-and-under -- when I was like 9 years old. I led my ele...
In case you can't get enough of me here on AR, you can tune into BloombergTV tomorrow (10/31/07) at approximately 1:30pm ET (10:30am PT). You can watch it on the web (via this link) or on your TV. I'll be interviewed about Zillow and the housing climate.This is pretty cool for me not only because...
A  big day here at Zillow in terms of PR. First, I was  quoted in the New York Times:Nonetheless, Zillow, which estimates home values, last month obtained $30 million in its latest round of financing, bringing the total to $87 million for the site, which was started less than two years ago. And i...
Hi Active Rain community. I've decided to start blogging here after following my friend and colleague, Sara Bonert.So look for future posts from me on the following topics:  Zillow (of course), various online real estate trends, homeownership, working at a startup, and anything else you (or I) fi...
Plenty of ink has been spilled (too much!?) about Zillow's main features -- Zestimates, Make Me Move, For Sale Listings, and much more. So rather than debate the merits of these features -- which, don't worry, we'll do plenty of that in the future -- I thought it would be better to share with you...
This is one of the great mysteries of life, in my opinion. All over Southern California (and I'm sure many other parts of the country) I see bus benches with real estate agents' faces on them. I can't possibly believe that this influences consumer behavior when selecting an agent (except perhaps ...


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