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Yes I work at Zillow, so yes I'm biased when I tell you about ways to use Zillow to advance your business. But if you'll put aside that obvious bias for a second, here's a suggestion of how you can build your business and help your buying clients via Zillow: look for houses via Make Me Move.If yo...
Bank of America's stock market research team which covers the housing industry puts out a fantastic monthly research report in which they share the results of a survey of 2400 Realtors from around the country. They ask about buyer traffic trends, price changes, selling incentives, and other issue...
Lehman Brothers put out a great research report today with their 2008 advertising forecast. Since Zillow is a media company, we take great interest in macro advertising trends, especially online advertising trends. Here are a few nuggets from the report: $311 billion in US Advertising in 2008, up...
Having already conquered the Internet, Google announced plans to develop renewable energy. Google is a huge consumer of electric power, so they're highly motivated to find cost-effective and environmentally-friendly sources of energy.Larry Page (co-founder) writes:"Our goal is to build 1 gigawatt...
You might recall that a few weeks ago I wrote a post about a Realtor who I called sketchy because he put up a sign for a listing "coming soon". However, the listing was his own condo unit, and the sign has been up for weeks while the unit hasn't actually been listed for sale anywhere. And to mak...
Every quarter at Zillow, we churn though a ton of data and put out our quarterly report on home values. We calculate "Zindexes" for all major cities and neighborhoods, as well as the US. From the press release: SEATTLE, Nov. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Home values nationwide declined for the fourth consec...
I hear it much less often now than 18 months ago when we first launched, and much much less now than before we launched Zillow (and everyone was sure we were going to decapitate all Realtors everywhere). But I still hear it occasionally: "Zillow is the enemy". In fact, one person went so far as t...
We've been announcing some major brokerage partnerships lately, but now the rubber meets the road: we have now officially launched feeds of listings provided to us by brokers. If you or your broker want to learn more, please visit here. Here's the press release (also pasted below): Zillow.com® La...
At Zillow, we're quite proud of the fact that in only a year and a half, we've grown into one of the most visited real estate websites on the Internet -- without spending any advertising money. But this prohibition on advertising expenditure doesn't extend to our communications with real estate ...
I'm very happy to announce a very large partnership between Zillow and 11 newspaper companies representing 282 papers (so far!). Here's a link to the press release. And here's a link to the blog post by Lloyd Frink (President of Zillow). Also, here's one of the articles on the news so far. The pa...


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