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In case you're interested in geeking out on economic info, some of Morgan Stanley's top brainiacs hosted an interesting conference call on the global economic climate. The first 10 minutes are the most interesting and relevant to most of us. Basically they explain that the entire global economy i...
I worked in the online travel industry for five great years, first at Hotwire and then at Expedia & Hotels.com (both part of Expedia Inc.). For the last eight years I estimate that I have spent over 150 days a year on the road, including a two year stint commuting weekly between San Francisco an...
I flew cross-country today on Virgin America, a terrific new airline. I’m a big fan. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have electrical outlets at every seat; no longer will I need to fly with 3 heavy batteries for my laptop. Why don’t all airlines have outlets at seats?
Sorry I haven’t posted in so long. I’ve been on the road all week (LA->DC->NY->SF->LA all in 4 days) and it has been a little nuts. Lots of good stuff happening at Zillow though. Was on Fox Business News this week talking about the housing climate which was fun, as usual.
Check this out. 
 Tonight we launched a feature called Dueling Digs and I have to tell you that in my opinion this is one of the coolest features Zillow has ever built. It's basically "hot or not" for real estate. We built a fun game where you can choose which of two photos you like better. But more importantly y...
  I went to see a house for sale last week with an architect friend of mine, which was a first for me. The seller is a builder/developer friend of his, who built his townhouse. It was interesting going though a house with the builder and an architect -- they notice dozens of details that I (and m...
  Last week, we saw two catastrophic train wrecks of Shakespearean proportions play out in New York. I’ll say less about the Eliot Spitzer saga because it’s more cut and dry. There’s little I can add to that discussion other than to shake my head in disbelief at the things men are willing to risk...
In my role as Zillow’s CFO, I’m frequently asked three questions about the viability of our revenue model:1. Is there enough advertising money spent on the Internet such that Zillow can really remain free to consumers? 2. Is the housing downturn bad for Zillow? 3. How can a vertical site like Zil...
The Active Rain lawsuit pushes on.A 7% shareholder calls for the CEO and CFO to be fired this week. Uh-oh.Alan Dalton (former head of Realtor.com), having already been pushed aside months ago, finally gets the boot. (But don't feel badly for him -- he got full vesting on all of his options, plus ...


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