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 I had no idea that you could do this, but it turns out that you can connect your Blackberry to your laptop and use your BB as a dial-up modem. This will be very helpful to me after long flights -- I usually have 50-100 emails in my outbox when I land, and this will allow me to have them start be...
I had the pleasure of seeing Pat Grimm, the owner of the Capitol Hill Windermere office, speak yesterday at the Rainier Club Real Estate Roundtable. He shared this fascinating statistic:2004 NWMLS # of sales associates: ~15,0002006 NWMLS # of sales associates: ~30,000Entering 2008, we were still ...
Here's a post from a technology developer's messageboard -- someone is willing to pay a developer $11,000 to clone Trulia. Sketchy...
The Zillow Mortgage Marketplace is now about three weeks old, so I thought I'd give an update.What is it?In short, think of Zillow Mortgage Marketplace like a free, anonymous version of Lending Tree. Borrowers submit loan requests but don't share their name, their SS# or their phone #. Lenders t...
I’m a judge in the upcoming Web2.0 awards, which Zillow was fortunate enough to win last year. I guess I was asked to be a judge by SEOMoz, the awards organizer, because I’m pretty hip ti what’s happening on the web. So I was floored to see how few of the nominees I had even heard of, no less us...
 According to a recent survey from NPD, here's what people will do with their refund checks: 42% pay down bills 21% save it 14% say they don't qualify for a refund check 12% spend on discretionary items 11% other  This was a dumb idea from the start.   Hat tip to Paul Kedrosky.   Update: As I exp...
A friend of mine from college, Jessica Harris, has recorded a series of interviews with entrepreneurs  for NPR called "From Scratch". There are some really interesting 20-30 minute interviews available on the website with people like Richard Branson (Virgin), Julie Clark (founder of Baby Einstei...
Apparently $86.1 billion, at least if you’re Google, according to a new study by WPP Group’s Millward Brown.
Obviously there are many more online resources available to buyers, sellers, homeowners and agents now than at any time in history. These tools have proliferated rapidly -- it's hard to believe, but only a few years ago homeowners couldn't get home valuations; sellers had to rely solely on the ML...


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