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Approximately 7:20am EST tomorrow (1/30) on CNBC and approximately 12:45pm EST on Fox Business News. Topics are: impact of Fed rate cuts on mortgage rates and housing prices; how have more expensive homes held up in this declining market.
A friend of mine at a PR firm sent me the memo below. This is from the White House Communications Office and it’s an interesting read. I’m of two minds on this. On the one hand, I understand that the government needs to get the word out about what it’s doing on important issues. On the other hand...
 At dinner tonight at a restaurant in NY and who should be at the next table but Mayor Bloomberg.
I’m in NY and Boston this week for a whirlwind trip of 7am-7pm meetings. Here’s a look at the agenda: Meetings with the Internet research analysts at four investment banks Meetings with two teams of technology investment bankers (No, we’re not going public anytime soon; this is just me trying to...
I don’t own any shares of ebay, but I casually follow the stock out of interest. After all, it’s an internet bellwether, so it indirectly affects my company Zillow. As has been widely covered, ebay reported mixed earnings yesterday. They are shifting their marketing focus from auctions to fixed ...
A friend sent me this.     1) You cannot touch all of your teeth with your tongue.     2) All idiots, after reading the first truth, try it.     3) The first truth is a lie.     4) You're smiling now cause you are an idiot.     5) You will soon forward this to another idiot.     6) There's still...
 Another brokerage partner has decided to add their listings via a feed to Zillow, for free. You can learn more here or just email me. 
A few months ago I was talking to Greg Schwartz, Zillow’s VP of Advertising Sales. Greg runs a team of 20+ ad sales people at Zillow who are responsible for 100% of our revenue. Their typical advertiser is a national brand interested in reaching homeowners. I asked him why we didn’t go after more...
Ouch.More on Silicon Alley Insider, if you're curious. 
 Today is one of those strange half-holidays. We don’t have the day off at Zillow, but we’re the outlier, judging from the lobby of our office building (the 46-story Wells Fargo building in downtown Seattle). These are the times that I miss living and working in New York – there are at least hal...


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