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It seems home values are on everyone's mind right now -- partly due to Obama's Housing Plan and the fact that mortgage rates are low and refinance activity is skyrocketing. Consumers are interested in market data and with the new Home Values Widget agents, brokers, and bloggers can instantly add ...
Prepping for my CNBC appearance tonight forced me to dig into the housing bailout plan in a way that I might not otherwise have found time to do. I find this stuff really fascinating because it's at this beautiful intersection of several of my favorite disciplines: politics, economics and real es...
    You can watch the video here. I was in Boston today, so the backdrop is of a Boston bridge at night. Great view from the studio you might say. But here's the dirty little secret of broadcast television: I was in a room with no windows, in front of a TV screen showing a live shot of that brid...
I was on CNBC today discussing home values and homeowner confidence. You can watch the video here. I think you'll be glad to see that I tried to spread some GOOD news about housing for a change!  
I’ve blogged previously about how clueless most owners are about the value of their own home, and how frustrating that can be to real estate agents working with them. Well good news is on the way. Sort of. Zillow’s latest survey of homeowners’ perception of home values shows that people are getti...
OK I know I'm biased, but I love Zillow Advice. I truly enjoy answering people's questions and participating in discussions about real estate. Check it out...Zillow Advice launched a few months ago (a interactive place to ask and answer real estate questions) and already thousands of questions an...
Yes, I had a lot of bad housing news to share. But I gave big props to Realtors and reiterated that their commissions are not under threat from the Internet. Enjoy!
No, probably not. At least not entirely. But I've been on Twitter for a few weeks now, having finally given in to peer pressure, and I'm very impressed. It's a great place to express yourself quickly. Their UI is fantastic (though the stability isn't very good). But the biggest impact that twitte...
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