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The Federal Reserve came out with an interesting academic paper analyzing the locations of payday loan check-advance stores. No surprise here but guess what: it turns out that they're usually in poor and minority communities. So is this just good business or is it an example of greedy corporation...
Sorry I couldn't be more optimistic, but I call 'em like I see 'em.   Here's the video.   And here's a link to me on CNBC yesterday as well.
Right now ActiveRain has a great contest going on where you can get 1000 points just by writing hyper local content.  So that then begs the question, "Great, but what should I write about? I sure want those darn points!" Coincidentally, Zillow just launched our Local Pages which has all kinds of ...
Even though I've written before that Case-Shiller is an imperfect index (here and again here), below is an interesting way to look at commercial vs residential real estate on a Bloomberg terminal. Residential peaked earlier, but the decline in commercial has been more rapid more quickly. Get out ...
  At Zillow, we released a new version of the website with an incredible amount real estate data available for free on the "Local Info" tab of the website. Real estate agents can get an edge by making use of this data. I spent some time this morning checking out the Seattle home values page, and ...
I did a webinar "superstar interview" today with Tim and Julie Harris of Harris Real Estate University. You can listen to the replay here. [I think you need to click on Part 2 rather than Part 1, though maybe they'll fix that...]   And here are three videos that cover much of what we talked about...
Plenty of ink has been spilled (or in the digital world, I should say "plenty of keystrokes have been typed") explaining the run-up in home values over the last decade. Almost all of those explanations have emphasized the role of irrational buyers, speculators, and easy credit. Now James Kahn, an...
Industry Realtor Survey 7-8-2009
I'm pleased to post our June traffic stats. As readers of this blog already know, I do this every month (or at least every month that I find time to do it). First, a note about the data: at Zillow, we strongly believe that the only reliable way to measure traffic is with your own internal traffic...
Well, we are now half way through 2009 and its time to stop and look at some of the milestones we've accomplished so far at Zillow. Traffic- For the first six months of the year we averaged 8.3 million visitors to the site each month, which is an increase of 67% year over year. This group of peop...


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