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I watched Lie To Me on Hulu tonight. First I should point out that Hulu is awesome. I hadn't used it in a few months, but it's much better than it used to be. Great catalog of shows, great technology. Lie To Me was created by two friends of mine from college -- Sam Baum and Dusty Thomason. Studs....
Walking in Madrona today with my kids. Came across this hedge which my daughter told me was cool enough to take a photo of.  
Really interesting paper (still in draft form) by Karl Case (Wellesley) & John Quigley (UC Berkeley) about housing cycles. They go into detail about the current housing downturn and compare it with past cycles and make some predictions about how and when this mess might end. No earth-shattering i...
I've written in the past about how homeowners are delusional when considering what their home is worth. Zillow analyzes this perception gap quarterly, and agents live it daily. Who among us hasn't struggled with an unrealistic seller who just can't accept the fact that their home is worth less th...
Yes, that's right. You're not imagining this. Keller Williams, the 4th largest brokerage in the US, added a home valuation module to their homepage where potential clients can see what their home is worth according to Zillow (and Cyberhomes). Why would they do this you might ask? Two reasons: 1. ...
I didn't make this decision lightly because part of me thinks that communication methods like twitter, texting and facebook are contributing to the demise of our culture, to put it nicely. But nonetheless, I jumped in today. You can follow me on twitter here.
Huge news today from Century 21 -- they are dropping all TV advertising in favor of online advertising. This is a big validation for those of us in the online media business, as we've been arguing for years that marketers should spend their budgets where consumers are. Kudos for C21 for making t...
I was on ABC News with the Charles McMillan, President of NAR yesterday. Enjoy... Nothing too earth-shattering, but good to share the screen with an esteemed Realtor like Charles.   Real estate video of ABC News here.  
  I think this is one of the more important (and least talked about) stories in online media lately. Boston.com has created a hyperlocal site, Yourtown, for Newton MA. Yourtown is pulling in headlines from WickedLocal (owned by Gatehouse Media, which owns 125 local papers nationwide). True, Yourt...
I checked in online for my flight back from New York after the Inman Connect conference, only to remember the obvious: I didn’t have a printer with me in my hotel room. But fear not: Continental Airlines now allows you to check in online and have your boarding pass appear in a mobile web browser ...


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