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I'm speaking at the Houston Association of Realtors' "Real Estate Information Symposium" this week. The topic is how consumers are using the Internet for real estate. It's a variation of other recent presentations I've done, but I've posted the deck here for you nonetheless. HAR REIS_ Spencer Ras...
Interesting perspective which reminds us that interest rates cut both ways. Yes the interest rate is the rate which you pay to borrow money, but it's also the rate which you get PAID if you're lending money (through investment). And after all, since most of us actually pay 10%+ when we "borrow" m...
I vote in every election, even primaries. I'm a good citizen. And I love filling out surveys, even phone-based ones. So you'd think I'd be all over the Census survey. And I was. Until I found out that it was mandatory. On the outside of my census envelope there's big scary writing warning me that...
When Brad asked me to lead a session at Active Rain University, I was psyched! When Brad told me to look at the schedule for a date, I was IMPRESSED.  I must admit that I thought Active Rain University was something that was held once a week and focused on how to use Active Rain.  Boy was I wrong...
In all of the agent training events we've been doing lately, learning how to embed a local info graph on blog posts has been something agents have gotten really excited about.  Because who can't use some ideas for blog posts, especially hyper local ideas? Below is a quick video with how it works....
Once we saw how popular the Zillow iPhone app was (about a million downloads since its launch), we knew a Zillow Android app was in the near future, and today it is here!  Watch the video for a quick demonstration, it is REALLY cool.  On this app, you can even do voice searches.  And like the Zil...
I had an exhausting but exhilirating day today at the Pacific Northwest Housing Summit. I gave a presentation on the Internet Buyer and how the extraordinary information revolution is empowering consumers more than ever. Specifically, I talked about how consumers expect nearly instantaneous respo...
Home values in my neighborhood of Madison Park (the orange line) have really tanked the last six months compared with Laurelhurst and Montlake. Brutal. Zillow Home Value IndexYou need the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player.Download the free Flash Player now!More Madison Park Home Values
This paper scared me very badly, so as a form of therapy I figured I’d share it with you. Misery loves company, after all. Governments around the world are already drowning in debt, and many countries face a high certainty of debt levels that will exceed their GDP (100 in the graphs below means t...

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