real estate: Update - 05/22/13 04:46 AM
Hi everyone – I’ve moved my blogging activity to my personal blog, my linkedin blog, and Zillow Blog.  I hope to see you all there!
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real estate: Discussing Zillow at Wharton - 04/24/13 07:39 AM
As part of the Knowledge@Wharton program, I was very pleased to sit down with Professor Susan Wachter, one of the county’s foremost experts on housing.  Approximately 3:50 into the video she delivers my favorite quote: “Zillow is a gamechanger.” Readers of this blog have seen me speak about Zillow plenty of times. But here’s a chance to hear Professor Wachter discuss it with me.


real estate: On CNBC, discussing Zillow and the Real Estate Market - 03/28/13 06:08 AM
On CNBC, discussing Zillow and the Real Estate Market:


real estate: On Bloomberg TV discussing the role of agents - 03/19/13 05:24 AM
On Bloomberg TV discussing how the role of agents have changed, but their importance hasn’t been diminished.


real estate: On CNBC, discussing Zillow’s Q4 Results - 02/19/13 05:55 AM
On CNBC, discussing Zillow’s Q4 Results


real estate: Zillow Launches Zillow Digs, A New Home Improvement Marketplace - 02/05/13 07:07 AM
Seven years ago, Zillow revolutionized real estate by providing deep data and Zestimate™ home valuations for nearly all homes in America, empowering home shoppers with information to help them make smarter decisions.
Now, Zillow is tackling home improvement with today’s launch of Zillow Digs, where home shoppers and homeowners can find visual inspiration and understand the real cost of remodeling projects – free on iPad and the Web. Unique to Zillow, users can see Zillow’s proprietary Digs Estimate™ for the estimated cost of thousands of actual bathrooms and kitchens they are viewing, based on where they live.
A recent Ipsos study … (1 comments)

real estate: Discussing Zillow with “The Motley Fool” - 01/30/13 02:39 AM
When I was in New York last week, I sat down with two editors from The Motley Fool to discuss Zillow. Here are a few of the video clips from our talk.



real estate: On CNBC discussing Q2 earnings - 08/08/12 06:42 AM
On CNBC discussing Q2 earnings
< >

real estate: On Techcrunch TV talking about Zillow and Mobile - 08/06/12 08:22 AM
On Techcrunch TV talking about Zillow and Mobile.


real estate: On Bloomberg West discussing Zillow Mobile - 08/03/12 07:29 AM
On Bloomberg West discussing Zillow Mobile.

real estate: What does it mean to be a “Social CEO”? - 06/08/12 04:56 AM
I was paid a high compliment last week by one of the smartest people in our industry, Marc Davison, when he called me a “social CEO”. This caused me to ponder what it means to be a social CEO. Yes, it means that I participate in social media on Twitter , Facebook, Pinterest , Zillow Advice and of course on my two blogs. But it goes beyond that. It’s a state of mind. Being a social CEO means that I’m always accessible – to my employees, our advertisers, our business partners, and our users. I also create a culture at Zillow … (1 comments)

real estate: On Fox Business discussing the housing market - 04/10/12 06:39 AM


real estate: On CNBC discussing Q4 earnings - 02/17/12 01:24 AM
On CNBC discussing Zillow's Q4 earnings.

real estate: On CNBC discussing housing and Zillow - 01/16/12 07:49 AM
This is my interview on CNBC last week. It was fun to do the interview from the floor of the Nasdaq.
One note – if you pay careful attention, you’ll see that the stat on the screen says “36 homes viewed per second” on mobile, but I say 50 homes per second in the piece. The 50 homes stat is what we're trending at for January; the 36 per second stat is from December.


real estate: The Importance of Strategic Distribution - 01/09/12 06:45 AM
It’s a new year, so what better time to take on a controversial topic: listings syndication. There is a lot of discussion about this in our industry, and I thought it was time to give Zillow's thoughts on this important topic. My comments below will also be the basis of my speech at this week's Inman Connect in New York. 
First, let me emphasize that Zillow has a lot of usage. In December 2011, more than 23 million unique visitors used our websites and mobile applications. The primary reason they use Zillow is because of Zestimates, and the other unique content we have on … (8 comments)

real estate: These Are The Small Things That Make My Day - 08/19/11 12:56 PM
I loved seeing this tweet today.


real estate: Seattle Real Estate - 11/09/10 05:39 AM
Zillow Chief Economist Dr Stan Humphries gave a keynote last week to executives and dozens of homebuilders hosted by our friends at John L Scott. Here is his presentation on the Seattle Real Estate.

real estate: On CNBC discussing the real estate recovery - 09/09/10 08:14 AM
In case you're wondering why I have a black eye, my 5-year old daughter whacked me in the face (by mistake!) with a baseball bat this weekend. You should have seen me on Saturday...

real estate: Dr Stan Humphries (Zillow Chief Economist) on ABC Nightly News - 08/25/10 06:31 AM

real estate: Rascoff’s Real Estate Corner: Foreclosures, Bedrooms and Squatters - 08/20/10 08:01 AM


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