steve keefe: Running Springs Real Estate- What the heck is going on? - 03/10/09 09:00 AM
I did some analysis for an agent this morning March 9, 2009 on the Running Springs market.  These figures are for properties priced between $125,000 and $200,000.  This data was as reported to Rim Association of Realtors.


What does all of this mean?

First the only thing that is selling in the current market environment is "deals" property must be priced below the market value to sell.  There are currently 21 properties listed for sale in this range.  Only 7 sales in 90 days that is 2.3 per month.  There are currently 2 … (2 comments)

steve keefe: The Value of the Coldwell Banker Brand - 03/10/09 08:54 AM
A brand is not just a logo. A brand is the totality of the logo, past contacts, commitments made and kept, service experience, advertising message, and all the other feelings customers identify and associate with in a business whether it be food, clothing, cars, or services.
 The logo is just the stimulus that opens the door. When you see the Coca-Cola logo, you may see the logo itself, but that visual stimulus alone may invoke memories of a song, a time with friends, or maybe freedom itself. I remember as a child watching television and seeing the Coca-Cola logo … (4 comments)

steve keefe: 2009 Year to Date Lake Arrowhead Home Sales - 03/02/09 02:25 AM
The following chart shows single family home sales reported to Rim Association of Realtors from January 1, 2009 to February 28, 2009 in Lake Arrowhead as of March 2, 2009.

steve keefe: Frostbite for Charity - 02/14/09 12:35 AM

No, we are not mad at you!
Go Jump in the Lake is the brain child of Dr. Pat Rains, president of the noontime Rotary Club, to help raise funds for those in need of help on the mountain. On February 14th at 10am, volunteers will take part in the first annual "PolaRotary Bear Jump" at the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa Beach..
Currently, about 20 individuals, possibly suffering from frostbite of the brain,have volunteered (see list below) to "jump" into the frigid water of Lake Arrowhead for charity. All proceeds raised from this event will go to non-profits helping improve the lives … (2 comments)

steve keefe: Things to Keep in Mind When Buying A Home - 02/10/09 08:12 AM
Many new homebuyers make the mistake of rushing out to buy things to fill their home with as soon as the seller accepts their purchase offer and the lender pre-approves their loan. But there are still a few major hurdles to overcome before the keys are handed out. Here are some things to avoid during the home buying process to assure your transaction goes as smoothly as possible:
Don't make an expensive purchase. It may be tempting to order that new sofa for your soon-to-be living room, but its best to avoid making major purchases like furniture, cars, appliances, electronic equipment, jewelry, … (0 comments)

steve keefe: What is a Fico Score? - 02/09/09 03:42 AM
Contact Arrowhead Home Loans, Inc. at 909.336.1793 for mortgage related products and services in California.

steve keefe: Do you want the best deal or do you want the best house? - 02/07/09 02:12 AM
In real estate, the best deal and the best house are two different things.  The first decision a buyer has to make is which they want…. The best deal, or the best house.  There is a misconception held by many buyers… Many think that the market is slow and that they don’t have to act.  Some feel like the longer they wait, the better the deals will be.
The best deals come and go… meaning that if something is a good deal it won’t be a better deal later, because it won’t be available later it will have been … (2 comments)

steve keefe: Properties "In Escrow" According to Rim Association of Realtors - 02/06/09 01:08 AM
The following chart shows single family homes reported as under contract to Rim Association of Realtors as of February 5, 2009.  Each company is listed with the number of listings they have "in escrow"


steve keefe: Properties "In Escrow" According to the Rim Association of Realtors - 02/06/09 01:05 AM
The following chart shows single family homes reported as under contract to Rim Association of Realtors as of February 5, 2009.  The percentages define what portion of each market sector are foreclosure properties.

For all of your real estate needs or questions regarding our real estate market, please don't hesitate to contact my office at 909.336.2131 or email me at

steve keefe: Lake Arrowhead Home Sales January 2009 - 02/04/09 02:22 AM
The following chart shows single family home sales reported to Rim Association of Realtors for January 2009 for Lake Arrowhead.


steve keefe: Bank Owned Properties Sales in the Lake Arrowhead Vicinity - 02/04/09 02:10 AM
The following chart shows the residential sales reported to the Rim Association for January 2009 by area.  For all areas combined on the mountain, 41% were bank owned or REO properties.  Of note is Lake Arrowhead with only 26% of the sales were properties that had been foreclosed on.


steve keefe: Real Estate Myths for Buyers and Sellers - 02/02/09 07:05 AM
From my experience, there are many myths on both sides of the home buying and selling fence.  Here are 4 untruths held by Sellers and 4 by Buyers.
Seller Myth #1: I can always reduce my price later. 
Sellers frequently price their home high initially for a time period just to "test the market."  What sellers need to know is that buyers shop in price brackets... if your home is in the wrong one, you will just help sell everyone elses home while yours sits there overpriced.  Agents will use your home to show how much of a better value other … (0 comments)

steve keefe: Lake Arrowhead Real Estate- Do Bloggers Sell Anything? - 02/02/09 06:04 AM
This morning, I got an anonymous question asking if I or anyone else who posts on Activerain actually sell anything.  The question is a good one... in fact, I would be interested to hear from other Activerain participants what kind of results they are achieving.  
I can speak for my team that it is a valuable tool to deliver market information and statistics about our area.  I have had numerous customers tell me that they found me through search engines that delivered them back to this site as well as the stand alone blog I maintain for our company at … (2 comments)

steve keefe: Lake Arrowhead Real Estate- Brokers Official Statement about Zillow - 01/29/09 12:36 AM
If you want to know what a home is worth do not go to Zillow or any of the other automated valuation services.  These services deliver completely useless estimates of value.  The values they project are based on County Records which are known to be ridiculously inaccurate and information that is typically months old.  The only way to determine value is to work diligently comparing recently sold and listed information based upon accurate data.  The only way this can be accomplished is through a professional, your local Realtor. 
 Recent tests of 3 different online valuation systems comparing the values arrived … (4 comments)

steve keefe: Lake Arrowhead Real Estate- Advice for people Shopping For Home Loans - 01/28/09 05:55 AM
With interest rates at record lows, all lenders in the US have recently seen a sharp increase in loan applications - right at the time that many lenders have cut headcount to save money in a challenging economy. This means that timeframes needed for underwriting, approvals and closing have become longer than normal. Some companies have chosen to actually raise rates just to slow down the volume to a manageable level.
Sound crazy? No crazier than when you go to buy that hot new vehicle...only to find that there is no price negotiation. In fact, you wind up lucky to just pay … (1 comments)

steve keefe: Who is Coldwell Banker Sky Ridge Realty - 01/26/09 06:04 AM
Some Time Ago,, I requested that our sales team give the answers to the following 5 questions.  Who are we?  What do we do? Whom are our customers?  What makes us unique? and What value to we bring to our customers?  The following are the raw un-edited answers I received back to the second question... What do we do?  The following is the un-edited responses from our real estate agents
We make dreams come true Through Coldwell Banker Sky Ridge Realty and our affiliated companies Alpine Escrow and Arrowhead Home Loans, we provide a full spectrum of real estate services, including … (0 comments)

steve keefe: 90 Days of Sales Activity in Lake Arrowhead - 01/24/09 02:04 AM
The following chart shows all single family home sales in Lake Arrowhead from October 23, 2008 to January 21, 2009 according to Rim O' The World Association of Realtors.
Coldwell Sky Ridge Realty had more listings sell than nearly all other companies combined for this period.  Sellers serious about selling and looking for results continue to choose Coldwell Banker Sky Ridge Realty for quality representation.


steve keefe: What it is going to take in this market. - 12/15/08 08:47 AM
The only property that is going to sell in this economy is one that is priced correctly.  The successful agents challenge is preparing the seller for the competition.
Recent real estate figures, stack pretty tall against speedy sales and big profits in many markets including the So Cal mountain communities.  Inventory is up significantly and transactions are fewer leading to significant competition for those wanting to sell.
Lending guidelines have tightened, but the buyers that are out there are in most cases qualified.  Most are putting down larger down payments and taking advantage of the historically low rates.  Sellers need to … (2 comments)


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