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LOCK OR FLOAT?  LOCK as resistance is pushing bond prices lower.  We had two good days of mortgage bond rallies and this morning looked positive then BAM!  We hit a brick wall.  Bonds started off on a real good note but now they are in the negative.  I'm leaving at 1:00 so I wanted to get this ou...
Nearly a full third of households are still renting...but if you are one of them, you could be paying a hefty price. Additionally, the children of the baby boomer generation are close to or at the home buying age, but these "echo boomers" could mistakenly decide to put off the purchase of a home ...
4/18/2007Rates did improve a little today and mortgage bonds are closing out today on a positive note.  So we are enjoying this positive trend.  Mortgage Bond prices have made a clean break away from the powerful Down Escalator they have been riding for the past month - and are being helped this ...
To see a list of the mortgage companies who have gone under because of the Sub Prime turmoil, go to  You will see a lot of companies you never heard of but there are also some big hitters that have gone under.  We'll see what happens in the near future!
Good Tuesday Afternoon Everyone!!!!Things are looking up this morning, and that includes Mortgage Bonds.  Favorable economic news and technical signals are pushing Bonds higher today (currently at +19 basis points), with a good chance for a sustained rally ahead.    One of the big reports of the ...

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The Mortgage World Updates.....