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 Despite all the bad buzz about subprime mortgages, Ben Stein says the economy is strong and that the amount of foreclosures is small in relative terms. Perspective is a great thing. It's especially good where money and the stock market are concerned. Recently, there has been large movement, most...
If there is any one question I receive from my clients on an on going basis it is "Which Way Is The Market Going?"Well here is my crystal ball view: Birth Rates and Spending PatternsBefore we look at where the market is going let's look at how it got to where it is.  The answer is demographics an...
 1. Call your local regulatory office to verify his licenseMake sure the mover you are considering is duly licensed or authorized by your State's Department of Transportation or other regulatory body as required by law and that his certificate number is legitimate.2. Check your local Better Busin...
I've included some info below that you may find interesting: Orange Countly MLS Statistics for properties Under $5,000,000: Jan1 - Feb15  2007  $731,437 / 2,200 Sales / 1,754sf avg. sizeJan1 - Feb15 2006   $730,110 / 2,689 Sales  / 1,668sf avg. sizeJan1 - Feb15 2005   $631,595 / 3,762 Sales  / 1,...
I Can't Complain, My Tenant Is Putting My Kids Through College!It was 1981 and my second daughter was just born.  I now had responsibilities above and beyond the day to day cares.  I had two kids that would someday need to complete four years of college.  How would I ever be able to save enough m...
Grandma Does Not Want To Move!Try Thinking in Reverse!Deloris is a sweet, 68 year old grandmother with a problem. Money, or more accurately, a lack of it. Through no real fault of her own, she finds herself as an unemployed widow with a $ 787 per month house payment and a life savings of just und...
Do you really need a termite inspection?  Do not treat lightly your opportunity to have the house inspected for termites. First of all, if you need a mortgage to buy the house, you'll find that institutional lenders REQUIRE that a termite inspection be done. Your lender is concerned - and rightly...
This is a re-print of February 19, 2007 Businessweek.Why Housing Hasn't Hit The Skids Low rates are a major factor So this is the much-feared "housing bust"? Bust Lite is more like it. Existing-home prices are as high as they were a year ago, while sales have receded only to 2003 levels. The only...
"OPEN MOUTH, INSERT FOOT ..."The door bell rings, you grasp the knob, and throw one last glance around. As your daughter quickly puts the vacuum cleaner away, you open the door with a big smile. There stands an agent and prospective buyers. " Hi! ... How are you?... Come In." You say. Those are p...
Q-My wife and I are looking into buying a second vacation home in Palm Springs. I know the rules have changed over the years, but can I still deduct my mortgage interest on that home?A-You probably can. Here's the way it works. The second home must be a "qualified residence," which means it must ...

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