Best of the Worst- my new TV show. It's going to be huge. Filled with all the craziest, wackiest, zaniest, nuttiest, cookiest and of course, stupidest things ever seen in a home inspection. Here are just a few. Hover over the picture for a witty comment. What do you think? I've got a million of t...
My latest home inspection horror pictures. These are the latest and greatest home inspection horror pictures I have drawn from the last half dozen or so inspections I've done. My favorite is the garage door eye and the sump pump standing at attention holding up the crawl space wall. Hope you enjo...
No good deed goes unpunished. But sometimes you have to wonder why bother doing a good deed. I just finished a home inspection and the buyers agent stopped by just as I was wrapping up with the buyer client. She asked if there were any major issues. There really weren't any major issues, but I me...
Why wait until today to tell your Mom... How much you learned from her How many times you knew she was right but you had to do it your way How hard it was to admit she was right and you were wrong How she made you the person you are today How much you enjoy spending time with her How you are goin...
Why do I love the rain? I'll tell you why. Every time I schedule an inspection and the day of the inspection arrives with a forecast for rain or worse yet, it's actually raining, I get a frantic phone call from the client, the client worrying that their inspection just has to be cancelled because...

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