Amazed doesn't begin to cover it. I have 4 children with my wife Mary, and 2 with my ex-wife. I know people can be proud of their kids, as they should be. But there are times I have to just sit back and give thanks for the children my wife and I have, and what amazing young adults they have...
Thankful for my Team.      I have been inspecting homes for new home buyers for about 8 years full time. I was doing inspections part time for a few years before that. I was always a one man shop until July of 2018. I have averaged 2 inspections a day Monday through Friday for the past 2 years. ...
     I guess 8 was enough. I have always been thankful to have been from a big family. I am the oldest child in our family. I always wondered why my parents had this idea that they wanted to have 8 kids. None of us have ever had the thought about why other families we know only having one or two...
What a difference 7 years makes. I am so grateful and thankful because for the past seven years, I have been witness to these amazing events in my family's history. Seven years ago in December, 2012 I had a heart attack and was shocked back to life twice on the ER table. This is what I almost mi...

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