manteno home inspection: Lessons From Life and Business - 08/31/23 06:56 AM
Lessons From Life and Business.
     As a father of 6 kids, it has been one of the standing jokes of the family over the years that I am always telling stories about random events and happenings in my life that should be a valuable lesson for them to learn from. Here are a couple examples. I told my daughters for years that I was the smartest guy they will ever know. After numerous boyfriends and one ex-husband, I can confidently say still to this day that I am the smartest guy they have ever known. There are a few challengers … (11 comments)

manteno home inspection: Why Us You May Ask? - 07/30/23 07:43 AM
Why Us You May Ask?
     That's a great question and isn't asked very often. Most of the time the very first words we hear when the phone rings and a potential buyer is on the other end is "How much is a home inspection?" Literally 9 out of 10 times, that's all the caller wants to know. They don't know that it's not really  what they want to know, but they don't know what they don't know. What they really want to know is what are you going to tell me that is so valuable and worthwhile and important in … (14 comments)

manteno home inspection: Flower Season is Way Too Short - 05/30/23 09:02 PM
Flower season is way too short.
     Every April and May in Bourbonnais, Illinois we get an amazing blast of color thanks to the wide and assorted collection of flowers that bloom seemingly all at once. These flowers make real-life paintings in everyone's gardens and flower beds. Having a job where I get to visit homes and enjoy these beautiful gardens all over our area is a bonus that I don't take for granted.
     Finding such beauty in what otherwise may be a very dull and drama free inspection and turns it into a perfect opportunity to snap a few … (9 comments)

manteno home inspection: Nope, I Didn't Always Know Everything - 05/01/23 07:07 AM
Nope, I Didn't Always Know Everything
     Someone recently asked me what it takes to start a home inspection business. How did you get started? You seem to know everything. Really?
     When I started my business, I had the good fortune to already have a full-time job. Good thing too, because it was right before the mortgage crisis in 2008. That took some of the pressure off to make the leap to full time. I was able to ease into the inspection business and build my network and relationships with many local agents. I completed 4 free inspections in … (20 comments)

manteno home inspection: Not a Bozo Bucket For Sure - 03/23/23 08:21 AM
Not a Bozo Bucket For Sure
     About 6-7 years ago, I had an inspection scheulded for a client that was buying his very first flip house. He owned a carpet cleaning business and this property was only $30,000. I remember thinking how many carpets he must have cleaned to save up $30K. Nothing was really out of the ordinary on the roof and exterior. The interior was a different story however. As I was in the basement looking at a section of about five  2x8 floor joists, I saw there were termite tunnels and what looked like squishy wood. There … (16 comments)

manteno home inspection: If I Could Live Anywhere... - 02/28/23 08:04 AM
     If I could live anywhere, I have to think I may just end up where I am at this very moment. I know there are zillions of other locations around the world and for sure around the country that are more beautiful, have more amazingly intense sunsets, more green cool forests and maybe even a better quality of life. But, and this is a really big but, it's not where I call home. I've been living in the Kankakee, IL area ever since my family moved here from a small town in central Illinois in 1970. At the time … (13 comments)

manteno home inspection: Old School-New School - 01/30/23 01:05 PM
Old School-New School
Last year was a crazy year in real estate and I'm pretty sure everyone that reads this might agree. While some months were normal to average business wise, there were several months that were not close to 2021. As the year went on, we determined that 2021 was an anomaly and we were more likely tracking with 2020. Our fees increased slightly, so while our number of inspections were down, we were still above in total revenue. 
The biggest change happened in April when our longtime marketing partner sold their business to a new company for a huge chunk of … (20 comments)

manteno home inspection: My Top Blog post Ever ever ever - 10/23/22 07:36 AM
     My top blog post ever ever ever. Several years ago the monthly challenge contest was called the AR Pay it Forward Challenge. This was my entry. 
     I like to enter the challenges every month if I can, and when I saw this one, I knew exactly what I would write about. I've been in Activerain for maybe 10 years now, and really try and read as many blogs as possible. I don't always comment on each and every one that I end up reading, and I'm sure I miss a whole bunch of them … (12 comments)

manteno home inspection: OOh OOh That Smell - 09/23/22 07:57 PM
OOh OOh that smell. 
     In my 15 years inspecting homes, I've seen so may weird and wacky and just plain stupid things, I really should just write a book. I can tell you it would be a best seller.
     For instance, tell me these aren't crazy things to find on an inspection.
Cut off mannequin head just inside the attic hatch. Oh, it also has fake blood on it's face. Real funny Mr Seller.
     How about finding an oil painting of a nude woman in the attic of a nearly empty house, who just happens to be packing up … (10 comments)

manteno home inspection: OOh OOh That Smell - 09/23/22 07:57 PM
OOh OOh that smell. 
     In my 15 years inspecting homes, I've seen so may weird and wacky and just plain stupid things, I really should just write a book. I can tell you it would be a best seller.
     For instance, tell me these aren't crazy things to find on an inspection.
Cut off mannequin head just inside the attic hatch. Oh, it also has fake blood on it's face. Real funny Mr Seller.
     How about finding an oil painting of a nude woman in the attic of a nearly empty house, who just happens to be packing up … (1 comments)

manteno home inspection: 21 Questions Challenge Accepted - 08/28/22 08:24 AM
     1.  We all go on vacation to get away from it all and have a great time, but I want to know, what vacation day was your worst? My wife Mary and I got married in October 1981. Went to Mexico with plans to stop in Dallas for a few days to visit her Aunt Erika and Uncle Imants. 2 days after arriving in Dallas my wife got really sick. I was fine until.... I was with Imants at the Kennedy Memorial and that's when it hit me. We spent the next 5 days in bed violently ill and had to … (9 comments)

manteno home inspection: Fly With Pride - 06/12/22 06:41 AM
Fly with Pride. As a past Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 324 in Bourbonnais, IL, I had a special task teaching all the scouts in our troop the rules and guidelines for raising and lowering a flag, folding and storing the flag, marching and displaying our flag and removing a tattered flag from service. There are very old and historic rules about all of these actions regarding the American flag. Other than the pledge of allegiance, most young people don't really ever look at a flag and for sure don't know or are taught the rules of respect for flag handling. … (9 comments)

manteno home inspection: Bourbonnais Scarecrow Festival is a Howling Hit - 10/28/21 12:35 PM
     The annual Bourbonnais Township Scarecrow festival is always a huge success. 
     Starting the first week of October, local businesses, charities or individuals can enter the contest for a chance to win prizes and promote their businesses or group. 
     The contest winners are determined by the appointed judges and also by the coveted peoples choice voters. The transformation from a simple plastic fence on Kennedy Drive into a 2 block display of Halloween fall displays and scarecrows is almost overnight. Lots of hard work and creative designs are displayed that must have taken weeks to work on just … (8 comments)

manteno home inspection: We have Two Wright Homes in our Town - 10/28/21 11:54 AM
     We have two Frank Lloyd Wright homes in our town. Kankakee, Il. 
     Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) is famous the world over and his homes are known for some of the coolest, most innovative and striking design ideas ever built. Kankakee, IL is proud to have two Wright homes. Next door to each other too. One of them is privately owned and there are not a whole lot of people that have visited that home as long as I can remember. But the B. Harley Bradley home is a very different story. It's long history has several inspiring chapters, … (3 comments)

manteno home inspection: Winter is Coming Fast- Ready or Not - 10/23/21 06:18 PM
Winter weather is coming fast. Bourbonnais, Illinois was 36 degrees last night.   
   There are a few things that are worse than a furnace acting up in the middle of the winter, but for the life of me I can't think of any right now. Your furnace or boiler needs an annual checkup.
REPEATING   Your furnace or boiler needs an annual checkup. Don't wait.
     If you put it off until November or December, you're asking for trouble. Waiting until the snow flies means you waited about 3 months too long. Now if you're depending on something like this old furnace … (8 comments)

manteno home inspection: Things I wish I knew - 09/26/21 09:00 AM
Things I wish I knew- As I have gotten older, I realize there are so many things I just don't know anything about. I wish I did, but either I never took the time or didn't realize I really wanted to know about that skill or idea or information to learn about it. For instance, I have always wanted to play guitar, I even own an acoustic giutar, but have never picked it up to play one note. I would like to know how to play golf, but learning to play is just a reason to be able to hang out … (9 comments)

manteno home inspection: Fresher Than Fresh - 07/16/21 07:28 AM
Fresher than Fresh, sounds great doesn't it? Well, it is great and here's the story. I sold lumber and building materials for 32 years. I would often go the local library in the town near the lumber yard where I worked so I could do blueprint takeoffs for the house lumber package I was selling. It was quiet, no interruptions from the lumber yard guys, had a bathroom and pay phone, (there were no cell phones yet), and a big giant table I could spread out my blueprints. It was perfect. One day as I was wrapping up the takeoff, I … (10 comments)

manteno home inspection: What Might Have Been Different About this Picture... - 05/30/21 05:03 AM
What might have been different about this picture...
     This will always be a very emotional picture for me and all of my family. It was taken on Christmas Day in 2012. That means it was exactly 13 days after I came home from the hospital after a heart attack. On December 10, 2012, at 1:30 in the moring, I woke up to intense pain and crushing pressure in my chest. I was covered in sweat and immediately knew I was having a heart attack. I woke my wife, told her to call 9-1-1. I put some jeans on and went … (17 comments)

manteno home inspection: Perry Farm is a Winning Visit for the Family - 04/09/21 08:20 AM
Perry Farm is a winning visit for the family.
Bourbonnais Illinois is the home of the Perry Farm. Today it is listed by the National Park Service of the Dept of the Interior in the National Register of Historic Places. But it wasn't always like that. 
     In 1835, Thomas Durham moved his wife and family of five daughters and four sons to Bourbonnais Grove,IL, about 60 miles south of Chicago on property on the banks of the Kankakee River. He built a farmhouse and a three bay English barn and a horse barn. Legend is the farmhouse cellar was part of … (7 comments)

manteno home inspection: Another Story Hard to Believe, or is it? - 03/07/21 06:25 AM
See if you can guess which one of these things are fake. 1. Buyer shows up wearing bright blue, yellow, red, orange and purple fingernail polish. 2. Buyer has on a woman's diamond engagement ring on his ring finger. 3. A friend shows up and proceeds to pull a box of cards and dice and a clear plastic tube with 2 felt placemats out of his coat. The 2 of them play a game of Magic the Gathering on the kitchen island countertop. 4. The sewer line drains just fine and no water starts bubbling up into the basement through the … (7 comments)

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