momence home inspection: Fly With Pride - 06/12/22 06:41 AM
Fly with Pride. As a past Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 324 in Bourbonnais, IL, I had a special task teaching all the scouts in our troop the rules and guidelines for raising and lowering a flag, folding and storing the flag, marching and displaying our flag and removing a tattered flag from service. There are very old and historic rules about all of these actions regarding the American flag. Other than the pledge of allegiance, most young people don't really ever look at a flag and for sure don't know or are taught the rules of respect for flag handling. … (9 comments)

momence home inspection: Bourbonnais Scarecrow Festival is a Howling Hit - 10/28/21 12:35 PM
     The annual Bourbonnais Township Scarecrow festival is always a huge success. 
     Starting the first week of October, local businesses, charities or individuals can enter the contest for a chance to win prizes and promote their businesses or group. 
     The contest winners are determined by the appointed judges and also by the coveted peoples choice voters. The transformation from a simple plastic fence on Kennedy Drive into a 2 block display of Halloween fall displays and scarecrows is almost overnight. Lots of hard work and creative designs are displayed that must have taken weeks to work on just … (8 comments)

momence home inspection: Things I wish I knew - 09/26/21 09:00 AM
Things I wish I knew- As I have gotten older, I realize there are so many things I just don't know anything about. I wish I did, but either I never took the time or didn't realize I really wanted to know about that skill or idea or information to learn about it. For instance, I have always wanted to play guitar, I even own an acoustic giutar, but have never picked it up to play one note. I would like to know how to play golf, but learning to play is just a reason to be able to hang out … (9 comments)

momence home inspection: Fresher Than Fresh - 07/16/21 07:28 AM
Fresher than Fresh, sounds great doesn't it? Well, it is great and here's the story. I sold lumber and building materials for 32 years. I would often go the local library in the town near the lumber yard where I worked so I could do blueprint takeoffs for the house lumber package I was selling. It was quiet, no interruptions from the lumber yard guys, had a bathroom and pay phone, (there were no cell phones yet), and a big giant table I could spread out my blueprints. It was perfect. One day as I was wrapping up the takeoff, I … (10 comments)

momence home inspection: What Might Have Been Different About this Picture... - 05/30/21 05:03 AM
What might have been different about this picture...
     This will always be a very emotional picture for me and all of my family. It was taken on Christmas Day in 2012. That means it was exactly 13 days after I came home from the hospital after a heart attack. On December 10, 2012, at 1:30 in the moring, I woke up to intense pain and crushing pressure in my chest. I was covered in sweat and immediately knew I was having a heart attack. I woke my wife, told her to call 9-1-1. I put some jeans on and went … (17 comments)

momence home inspection: Perry Farm is a Winning Visit for the Family - 04/09/21 08:20 AM
Perry Farm is a winning visit for the family.
Bourbonnais Illinois is the home of the Perry Farm. Today it is listed by the National Park Service of the Dept of the Interior in the National Register of Historic Places. But it wasn't always like that. 
     In 1835, Thomas Durham moved his wife and family of five daughters and four sons to Bourbonnais Grove,IL, about 60 miles south of Chicago on property on the banks of the Kankakee River. He built a farmhouse and a three bay English barn and a horse barn. Legend is the farmhouse cellar was part of … (7 comments)

momence home inspection: Another Story Hard to Believe, or is it? - 03/07/21 06:25 AM
See if you can guess which one of these things are fake. 1. Buyer shows up wearing bright blue, yellow, red, orange and purple fingernail polish. 2. Buyer has on a woman's diamond engagement ring on his ring finger. 3. A friend shows up and proceeds to pull a box of cards and dice and a clear plastic tube with 2 felt placemats out of his coat. The 2 of them play a game of Magic the Gathering on the kitchen island countertop. 4. The sewer line drains just fine and no water starts bubbling up into the basement through the … (7 comments)

momence home inspection: It's not Hard to Like Agents Like This - 02/07/21 06:30 AM
It's not Hard to Like Agents Like This. 
I am a home inspector, with two inspectors on our team. While not the largest inspection company in Illinois, we are pretty big in our small part of the world. We complete approximately 600 inspections each year, and have been steadily growing for every one of the 13 years in business. In this time, I have been able to work with literally hundreds of real estate agents. I have seen first hand the various ways of selling methods employed by these agents. Again, I'm not an agent, but I have been in sales for … (7 comments)

momence home inspection: Odd, It Was Easy To Be Thankful This Year - 11/26/20 07:11 AM
Odd, It was easy to be thankful this year. 
     I know it sounds crazy but there are so many things to be thankful for as this trying, agonizing, maddening, frustrating, sad, painful, distressing year comes to close. 
But as for business and the steady background of the corona virus, the business success far outpaced the virus. We are thankful for so many things, but our list would not be complete without these handful of events.
1. The PPP loan. Somehow we were able to take advantage of the PPP loan and get a much needed assist when the virus … (10 comments)

momence home inspection: Perfect Home Improvement Project for Each Season - 10/12/20 06:46 AM
This post really caught my eye. I tell buyers all the time about taking care of their new home. maitaining it one of the best things they can do to keep or improve the value of the home. Fall is a great time to catch up on a few jobs you may have put off over the busy summer. Maybe it was so hot and rainy or smokey, but before winter, it would be a great idea to wrap up the house for winter and tackle a few inside jobs. 
Scott Seaton-The Home Inspector With A Heart 
SLS Home Inspections @815-644-6271
Inspecting … (2 comments)

momence home inspection: We Just Might be Telling You Something Important - 05/24/20 06:42 AM
We Just Might be Telling You Something Important. 
Really, if there was no benefit to the inspection agreement that the State of Illinois requires us to have signed before we start the inspection, then I would gladly toss it out right now. But it does have lots of valuable information that protects the buyer as well as the inspector. We always make sure and go over the agreement with the buyers at the end of the inspection so they have a clear understanding of what they signed, even though this is not required by our SOP. We just feel it's makes … (8 comments)

momence home inspection: The Great Kankakee River- Gotta Love it. - 03/31/20 09:22 PM
The Great Kankakee River-Gotta Love It.       I have lived in the Kankakee River Valley for over 50 years. Kankakee,IL is the county capitol for Kankakee County. Kankakee was an Indian name for the local tribes. The French fur traders discovered the great land surrounding the Kankakee River in the 1800's. I have spent time in numerous states around the country camping with BoyScouts. I was a Scoutmaster for over 9 years and a member of the local Troop 324 for nearly 20 years. I have taken pontoon rides, speedboat trips and rafting trips. But nothing compares to taking a … (7 comments)

momence home inspection: Safe Practices Video for you to Share - 03/20/20 05:57 AM
Going along with my last post, here's a great video that has some smart safety tips for all parties. Feel free to share all you want. 
Click here for the video.
Would you like a FREE CPE certification?  What is CPE? It's called Client Protection Expert  How can It Help YOU?   Click this link for the course...
  Watch the video below and then take the short 10-15 minute test and you will receive several free items that will benefit you and your clients as well as a certificate that you can use for your marketing.   Click this link for the … (2 comments)

momence home inspection: What are we Doing to Stay Safe? - 03/20/20 05:19 AM
What are we doing to stay safe? 
Our priority at this time is the safety of our inspection team, their families, their relatives, their neighbors, their friends, our clients, our realtor partners, and all of their families, friends, neighbors, relatives.  Basically, everyone that could possible be infected with the COVID-19 virus. With that in mind, we have instituted these rules for all inspections until we pass through this crisis.
We are requesting that only one person attend for the buyers, and best case is no one attends the inspection. We will call them in the evening after the report is sent to go … (7 comments)

momence home inspection: Time Can be Your Best Friend, or NOT - 02/24/20 08:35 AM
Time can be your best friend, or NOT.
     Several years ago I wrote this blog post ( about time being spent on things that weren't helping my business move forward. There were numerous time wasters that I would catch myself doing from time to time, and even sometimes knowing I had other things to do, would still waste a few minutes here and there going back to the time wasters. I suppose just knowing there is an issue with wasting time is the first step. "Hello, my name is Scott and I'm a time waster." I should have added, … (16 comments)

momence home inspection: Water is Not Your Friend, Inside the Home - 12/29/19 05:34 AM
I've said it before...Water always wins and is not your friend inside your home.
This sump pump discharge jumped out at me the minute I saw it at my Bourbonnais Illinois Home inspection.
Matted down grass. Moss growing on the wall. Large opening where the pipe exits the wall. It took every ounce of willpower to not run inside the house and look at the interior wall, joists and plywood. The house next door had an elbow directing the water down into the drain pipe away from the house.

This house was a bit different. When the pump turned on, the … (5 comments)

momence home inspection: Test Burn for the Fire Department?? - 12/02/19 04:42 PM
Test burn for the fire department?      One of the first inspections I ever did was about 10 years ago. A woman in a very small town south of my home called to tell me the village wanted to condemn her home she was trying to sell. It was vacant but she had a potential buyer, and he would be there to walk around during the inspection with me. She wanted to prove to the village the home should not be condemned.      The first thing I noticed when I pulled up to the house was there were no … (12 comments)

momence home inspection: Don't Wait Until the Snow Flies - 12/01/19 08:59 AM
Did you remember to tuneup your furnace?  Winter has been pretty rough in Bourbonnais, Illinois so far this year. There are a few things that are worse than a furnace acting up in the middle of the winter, but for the life of me I can't think of any right now. Your furnace needs an annual checkup and if you put it off until now, you're asking for trouble. Waiting until the snow flies means you waited about 3 months too long. Now if you're depending on something like this old furnace to keep you warm through the winter, then you might want to invest in a … (5 comments)

momence home inspection: Amazed Doesn't Begin to Cover it - 11/29/19 07:51 AM
     Amazed doesn't begin to cover it. I have 4 children with my wife Mary, and 2 with my ex-wife. I know people can be proud of their kids, as they should be. But there are times I have to just sit back and give thanks for the children my wife and I have, and what amazing young adults they have become.      My 2 oldest children live in Delaware, so visits are not real frequent. But when we do get together, it's always the best of times. My oldest son Scott III, has a good, steady job with … (7 comments)

momence home inspection: Thankful for my Team - 11/29/19 07:13 AM
Thankful for my Team.      I have been inspecting homes for new home buyers for about 8 years full time. I was doing inspections part time for a few years before that. I was always a one man shop until July of 2018. I have averaged 2 inspections a day Monday through Friday for the past 2 years. Over 500 inspections each year is enough to wear anyone out. All I was doing is inspecting and writing reports, sometimes working 18 hours a day from 5AM until midnight .        I was approached by a young man who I had … (6 comments)

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