watseka: Time for the annual tune-up of Old Smokey? - 09/07/11 01:42 AM
Time for the annual tune-up of Old Smokey? You better believe it. There are a few things that are worse than a furnace acting up in the middle of the winter, but for the life of me I can't think of any right now. Your furnace needs an annual checkup and now is the best time to get it done. Waiting until the leaves fall or even until the snow flies is just asking for trouble. Now if you're depending on something like this to keep you warm through the year, then you might want to invest in a space heater. 

watseka: The Creature from the green lagoon. - 08/14/11 02:11 AM
The Creature from the green lagoon. What a great movie title.
I'm now thinking it would only be great in Hollywood, not on my home inspection. I was recently inspecting a home in Kankakee, Illinois and while inspecting the roof, I saw something floating in the pool that I have not been able to identify. I actually do Mold and air quality testing, but something told me that this was more than just a simple aspergillus/penecilium. 
Turns out, this pool had been abandoned for over two years, the tenants had moved out, and the local health department had already issued a … (5 comments)

watseka: Best of the Worst- my new TV show - 05/28/11 01:53 AM
Best of the Worst- my new TV show. It's going to be huge. Filled with all the craziest, wackiest, zaniest, nuttiest, cookiest and of course, stupidest things ever seen in a home inspection. Here are just a few. Hover over the picture for a witty comment.

What do you think? I've got a million of these and they all scream out WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING?
If you would like to be a part of our studio audience and will be traveling in the Bourbonnais and Kankakee Illinois area soon,, then Call Scott at SLS Home Inspections-815-644-6271 or visit his … (9 comments)

watseka: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. - 05/12/11 02:40 AM
No good deed goes unpunished. But sometimes you have to wonder why bother doing a good deed. I just finished a home inspection and the buyers agent stopped by just as I was wrapping up with the buyer client. She asked if there were any major issues. There really weren't any major issues, but I mentioned a concern with the furnace. The furnace was a Lennox model with an odd double filter. It was clear the homeowner were not aware of the second filter since it was over 1/2" thick with dust and dirt. It was not visible from the filter … (7 comments)

watseka: Why do I love the rain? - 05/03/11 12:04 PM
Why do I love the rain? I'll tell you why.
Every time I schedule an inspection and the day of the inspection arrives with a forecast for rain or worse yet, it's actually raining, I get a frantic phone call from the client, the client worrying that their inspection just has to be cancelled because what kind of an idiot would go out and walk around a house in this weather and how are they going to get the inspection report back in the 5 day window since the offer was accepted? Never fails, even though I told them on the … (6 comments)

watseka: Dryer lint fire demonstration - 04/03/11 02:34 AM
This is a demonstration on how fast a dryer lint fire can spread and put your family and your home at risk.
A house in my neighborhood is still cleaning up after a $60,000 fire over a month ago. 
Same day delivery of inspection report with full color photos.Easy to read summary page.FREE 90 day homeowner warranty.FREE Recallchek appliance recall service.Mold and air quality testing.
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watseka: Sad story in Bourbonnais IL. Home inspection nightmare - 03/04/11 05:14 AM
Just two nights ago, there was a huge commotion in the neighborhood. My wife and I thought we smelled smoke as we were watching an exciting episode of Modern Family. Looked out in the garage and saw through the side window flashing lights all over, and smoke pouring out of the house across the street. The family was home at the time and were able to escape so no one was hurt. 
Here are the details as known today.
Fire started in the basement. In the laundry room. In the dryer. Spread up to the first floor bedroom and into the … (4 comments)

watseka: How can I find out if mold is a problem in my home? - 03/01/11 11:27 AM
There has been a sharp increase in the media over mold concerns in homes. Many home buyers want a mold sampling done before they move into their new home. It can be completed at the same time as a standard home inspection. Typically there will be a visual inspection and also mold odors will be noted, looking for possible mold contaminated areas. The source of all mold is moisture and a food source. The search for the moisture intrusion is critical for identifying the extent of the contamination.
This sampling is done by tape or swab sampling of the actual mold … (1 comments)

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