home improvement: Year-Round Savings With Ceiling Fans - 10/24/21 06:56 AM
In general, people tend to think about air conditioners as a way to keep a home cool and heating units as a way to keep it warm. There’s nothing wrong with this line of thinking, of course. If you’re only relying on heaters and air conditioners to maintain the temperature, though, then you may be spending way more than you need to keep your home comfortable.
One key part of controlling your home’s heating and cooling costs that you might be ignoring is the humble ceiling fan. By using ceiling fans effectively, you can keep your home at more consistent temperatures throughout … (6 comments)

home improvement: Considering Seamless Gutters? - 09/22/21 06:05 PM
Gutters play a very important role on your home, and it’s one that not everyone realizes. Sure, they divert water so that you’re not flooded with runoff every time it rains, but that isn’t what makes them so important. Because gutters divert rainwater as it flows down the roof, they also help to prevent that water from seeping into the eaves and causing leaks or other damage. A good set of gutters can improve the life of your roof and home exterior while also adding to the look of your home and keeping the worst of the runoff at bay.
One problem … (2 comments)

home improvement: What is an Electrostatic Filter? - 09/02/21 06:17 AM
Air filters serve a wide range of purposes in your home. They remove dust and dander from the air, eliminate other allergens, keep some odors under control, and even reduce the wear and tear that your HVAC system experiences throughout the year. Depending on the filters you use, you may even be able to remove some viruses and bacteria from the air to keep the people in your house healthier. With all of the benefits that good air filters provide, the only real downside is that you have to replace them every few months to keep your home’s filtration system filtering … (3 comments)

home improvement: Garage Doors for Convertible Spaces - 07/21/21 06:04 AM
When you think of a garage area, most likely the first thing that comes to mind is a place to store your car or other vehicles. You might also picture some shelving or storage on some of the walls, but for most people, the garage is largely a single-purpose structure. It doesn’t have to be this way, however; for an increasing number of homeowners, the garage is becoming a multipurpose room with easy access to fresh air, light, and the outside in general via the garage doors.
There are a lot of options available when it comes to converting a garage into … (2 comments)

home improvement: Smart Kitchens, Smart Faucets - 07/18/21 05:47 AM
So-called “smart” devices are increasingly popular, adding new features and functionality to just about every room in your home. One room that you might not consider for a smart upgrade is the kitchen, but you should. There are a number of sensors and connected devices that can transform your kitchen into something special. One great option that’s often overlooked is the addition of a smart faucet to your sink.
While smart faucets aren’t as well known (yet) as other smart home add-ons such as smart lighting and smart thermostats, they can have a significant impact on how you use your kitchen. Not … (6 comments)

home improvement: What’s In Your Toolbox? Plumb Bobs, Levels, and Squares - 07/11/21 09:21 AM
There are a lot of tools in the world, and some of them have some very specialized uses. Sometimes these uses are pretty obvious; a hammer is used to hammer nails, and a wrench is used to tighten nuts. Even tools that you think you’re familiar with might surprise you, though; a hammer is a hammer, but do you know the difference between claw hammers and ball-peen hammers? What about all the different types of pliers that you might run across? Knowing exactly how specific tools are supposed to be used can help you to avoid errors and make finding the … (2 comments)

home improvement: Matching Cabinet Hardware - 07/07/21 07:33 AM
Whether it’s with knobs, pulls, handles, or some other hardware, you need to have some way to access your cabinets. If your cabinets are relatively new, that hardware is probably fairly modern. But for older cabinets, you may need to replace the hardware, and it might be kind of tricky to figure how to get it. This can make replacing old cabinet hardware stressful, especially if you’re not sure where to start. While your success will depend on the specific pieces that you’re looking for and how recently they were manufactured, here’s some info that will hopefully point you in the … (3 comments)

home improvement: This Year’s Tile Trends! - 07/04/21 06:24 AM
Tile is a very versatile material, offering strength and beauty while also providing color and decorative flair wherever it’s installed. Useful on both floors and walls, tile can really define the look of a room and can even be paired with other flooring and wall décor types to create complex looks from relatively simple materials. Tile provides something of a timeless look, though that doesn’t mean that it isn’t subject to decorating trends like any other material. If you’re curious as to what’s hot in tile at the moment, here are some of the biggest current trends out there.
Neutral Colors Throughout … (3 comments)

home improvement: Thinking About Upgrading a Skylight? - 06/30/21 06:44 AM
Skylights can be a great way to add natural light to your home. This can be especially useful for rooms that lack windows or that are otherwise blocked from getting much natural light. Unfortunately, skylights sometimes fall victim to the ravages of time and climate. This may leave you wondering whether you should upgrade or replace those skylights that have been in place for years. In some cases, this can be a pretty big undertaking, so here are a few things to consider before jumping into a skylight upgrade.
Reasons to Upgrade a Skylight There are a number of issues that … (1 comments)

home improvement: Small Changes Make Big Bathroom Impacts - 06/27/21 05:31 AM
Nobody likes a small bathroom. Unfortunately, a lot of houses have them. If you live in a home with a bathroom that makes you feel a bit claustrophobic, you might think that there isn’t much you can do without some major (and majorly costly) renovations. This may not be the case, though. There are actually a number of small changes that you can make to your bathroom to make it not only appear bigger, but possibly even give you some more space to work with.
Bear in mind that some of these options are a matter of personal taste. You’ll need to … (6 comments)

home improvement: Clever Uses for Useless Spaces - 06/23/21 05:45 AM
There are a lot of areas around the home that may seem kind of useless or wasted. Partial dividing walls, areas below (or even above) a staircase, or little nooks or alcoves that were created by the house’s unique design are all common examples. You might not think much about these areas, but if you consider them for a moment, you might see how they could be some serious missed opportunities. With a little bit of creativity, though, you can change all of that for the better.
That blank wall around a doorway doesn’t have to stay empty, and the space under … (4 comments)

home improvement: 3 Ways to Make Your Attic Reno Unique - 04/11/21 11:09 AM
The word “attic” conjures up images of dark, dusty relic storerooms that just happen to be hidden in plain sight. For plenty of homeowners, their attics are full of treasure, just not the kind you might think. Their treasure comes in the form of square footage.
Renovating an attic into living space can be a complicated process, but it adds real living space to a home that may already be perfect in every other way.
What’s This About Hidden Treasure? Your unfinished attic has a secret that it’s never been able to really own up to. It’s hiding treasure — lots of it, … (4 comments)

home improvement: Sliding Barn Doors for Beginners - 03/14/21 09:55 AM
The cottage look has become a huge trend for homeowners, especially those with older homes that have lost a lot of their original charm to generic remodels over generations. One of the big elements of this new wave in design is the sliding barn door, a simple door mounted on a track that slides to cover a doorway. It’s not a fancy invention, nor is it a new one, so why are they getting so much attention all of a sudden?
The Sliding Barn Door Aesthetic Sliding barn doors add a ton of cottage chic to a home, especially one that’s already … (3 comments)

home improvement: Modern Materials for Modern Countertops - 02/28/21 10:56 AM
The countertops in your kitchen can make a big difference in how your kitchen looks overall. If you’re tired of your kitchen looking old and dated, updating your countertops is a great way to completely revitalize its look. There are a number of materials used in modern countertops that will help your kitchen stand out. Here are just a few options to consider if you really want to give things a modern look.
Countertop Materials Soapstone
Stone surfaces have long been a favorite material for kitchen countertops, but soapstone has come into its own in recent years. It’s heat and stain resistant like … (4 comments)

home improvement: Best Materials for Refinishing Stairs - 02/24/21 08:28 AM
Staircases tend to capture the eye because of the way they transcend from one level to the next. If your stairs have seen better days, though, you might not like the message that your staircase is sending. Whether you’re simply tired of the way that they look, or your stairs are starting to fall into a bit of disrepair, refinishing and revitalizing your stairs will have to come sooner or later.
Stair Materials Here are a few ideas that you should keep in mind when trying to figure out the best way to give your stairs new life.
Stained Stairs
If you have … (1 comments)

home improvement: What Is Baseboard Heat, Anyway? - 02/07/21 07:09 AM
What Is Baseboard Heat, Anyway?Keeping your house warm is important during the colder parts of the year, and there are a few different heating solutions you can rely on to get the job done. One option that’s often overlooked is baseboard heat. While some older baseboard heat systems may have had their flaws, modern baseboard heaters do a good job of keeping your home warm while maintaining reasonable heating costs. If you’re not sure about baseboard heat or whether it’s right for your home, here are a few things that you should consider.
Baseboard HeatersAs the name implies, baseboard heaters are heating … (4 comments)

home improvement: Fireplaces Add Some Snap, Crackle, and Pop! - 01/03/21 06:33 AM
When the weather outside is frightful, a fire can be so delightful. That’s what the song says, anyway. But loads of homeowners tend to agree with the sentiment, so surely they can’t all be wrong. Adding a fireplace to your home can seem like a big undertaking, but there are several options for homeowners looking to add a little snap, crackle, and pop to their living spaces.
Fireplaces: Beyond the Chimney Long, long ago, there was only one way to have a fire indoors: you had to have a brick chimney to contain the flames and keep everybody safe. However, that was … (4 comments)

home improvement: 2021’s Colors of the Year Unveiled! - 12/22/20 06:45 AM
Everything has its season, and for paint, winter is that time. Year after year, paint companies release their chosen Color(s) of the Year, which are meant to be reflections on trends that are coming to interior design near you. If you’ve been considering repainting a bedroom or your whole house, knowing what’s in can help you narrow down the impressively huge list of paint options available.
Bold Tones Are Where It’s At 2021 continues the trend that’s been taking us far from the subdued hues that have been so popular in the past. Instead of neutral palettes, homeowners are going big or … (1 comments)

home improvement: Choosing Custom Windows - 11/22/20 06:30 AM
Custom windows can really add a lot of life and personality to your home. They can also be a great option if you struggle with getting enough natural light with your currently installed windows. Installing custom windows is kind of a big decision though, especially if you aren’t really sure what sort of windows you’d like. While your choice in large part depends on personal preference, there are a few other considerations that might help you decide as well. So if you’re considering custom windows, here are a few things to keep in mind that might make choosing a bit easier.
Existing … (2 comments)

home improvement: What Is a Building Permit? - 11/17/20 05:47 AM
Chances are, you’ve at least heard of building permits even if you haven’t applied for one yourself. Going by their name alone, you can probably guess the general gist of what these permits are used for. You might be surprised to find out that a lot of homeowners don’t really know that much about building permits, especially when it comes to details such as when you need to apply for one. It can actually get kind of confusing at times, so here’s a rundown of the basics of building permits so you won’t be left scratching your head the next time … (1 comments)

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