wwwftbendhomevaluecom: Experts Forecast a Turnaround in the Housing Market in 2023 - 02/08/23 06:30 AM
Experts Forecast a Turnaround in the Housing Market in 2023The housing market has gone through a lot of change recently, and much of that was a result of how quickly mortgage rates rose last year.
Now, as we move through 2023, there are signs things are finally going to turn around. Home price appreciation is slowing from the recent frenzy, mortgage rates are coming down, inflation is easing, and overall market activity is starting to pick up. All of that's great news for the housing market this year. Here's what experts are saying.
Cristian deRitis, Deputy Chief Economist, Moodys Analytics: The current … (6 comments)

wwwftbendhomevaluecom: You May Not Need as Much as You Think for Your Down Payment - 02/07/23 06:41 AM
You May Not Need as Much as You Think for Your Down Payment 
Some Highlights Many people believe you need to put down 20% of the purchase price when you buy a home. But recent homebuyers actually put down far less on their purchase. And with programs like FHA loans, VA loans, and USDA loans, some qualified buyers are able to put down as little as 0-3.5%. Lets connect to make sure you have a trusted lender and can find out if you're ready to buy a home sooner rather than later.  

wwwftbendhomevaluecom: Want To Sell Your House? Price It Right. - 02/06/23 07:04 AM
Want To Sell Your House? Price It Right.Last year, the housing market slowed down in response to higher mortgage rates, and that had an impact on home prices. If you're thinking of selling your house soon, that means you'll want to adjust your expectations accordingly. As realtor.com explains:
. . . some of the more prominent pandemic trends have changed, so sellers might wish to adjust accordingly to get the best deal possible.In a more moderate market, how you price your house will make a big difference to not only your bottom line, but to how quickly your house could sell. And … (5 comments)

wwwftbendhomevaluecom: Is an ARM for you? - 02/05/23 06:35 AM
Is an ARM for you?Before you move into the home of your dreams, you’ll need to decide what type of mortgage will work best for your financial needs. One type is an adjustable-rate mortgage, also called an ARM. What is an ARM? We’ll explore this kind of loan so that you can decide if it’s right for you. An adjustable-rate mortgage or ARM is a home loan with an interest rate that adjusts over time. These rates are governed by benchmarks such as the U.S. Treasury and are influenced by economic conditions and your credit score. These are unlike a fixed-rate … (2 comments)

wwwftbendhomevaluecom: The 3 Factors That Affect Home Affordability - 02/04/23 06:11 AM
The 3 Factors That Affect Home Affordability 
If you've been following the housing market over the last couple of years, you've likely heard about growing affordability challenges. But according to experts, the key factors that determine housing affordability are projected to improve this year. Selma Hepp, Executive, Deputy Chief Economist at CoreLogic, shares:
. . . with slowly improving affordability and a more optimistic economic outlook than previously believed, the housing market could show resilience in 2023.The three measures used to establish home affordability are home prices, mortgage rates, and wages. Here's a closer look at each one.
1. Mortgage RatesMortgage rates shot up … (6 comments)

wwwftbendhomevaluecom: Why You Shouldn't Fear Todays Foreclosure Headlines - 02/03/23 06:18 AM
Why You Shouldn't Fear Todays Foreclosure HeadlinesIf you've seen recent headlines about foreclosures surging in the housing market, you're certainly not alone. There's no doubt, the stories in the media can be pretty confusing right now. They may even make you think twice about buying a home for fear that prices could crash. The reality is, the data shows a foreclosure crisis is not where the market is headed, and understanding what that really means is mission critical if you want to know the truth about what's happening today. Here's a deeper look.
According to the Year-End 2022 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report … (8 comments)

wwwftbendhomevaluecom: Why It Makes Sense To Move Before Spring - 02/02/23 05:49 AM
Why It Makes Sense To Move Before SpringSpring is usually the busiest season in the housing market. Many buyers wait until then to make their move, believing its the best time to find a home. However, that isn't always the case when you factor in the competition you could face with other buyers at that time of year. If you're ready to buy a home, here's why it makes sense to move before the spring market picks up.
Spring Should Bring a Wave of Buyers to the MarketIn most years, the housing market goes through predictable seasonal trends in activity. Winter is … (4 comments)

wwwftbendhomevaluecom: Homeownership Builds Your Wealth over Time - 02/01/23 06:33 AM
Homeownership Builds Your Wealth over Time 
Some Highlights If you're thinking of buying a home this year, be sure to factor in the long-term benefits of homeownership. On average, nationwide, home prices appreciated by 288.7% over the last 32 years. That means homeowners grow their net worth significantly in the long term. Homeownership wins over time. Lets connect so you can start your homebuying journey today.  

wwwftbendhomevaluecom: What Past Recessions Tell Us About the Housing Market - 01/31/23 07:04 AM
What Past Recessions Tell Us About the Housing MarketIt doesn't matter if you're someone who closely follows the economy or not, chances are you've heard whispers of an upcoming recession. Economic conditions are determined by a broad range of factors, so rather than explaining them each in depth, lets lean on the experts and what history tells us to see what could lie ahead. As Greg McBride, Chief Financial Analyst at Bankrate, says:
Two-in-three economists are forecasting a recession in 2023 . . .As talk about a potential recession grows, you may be wondering what a recession could mean for the housing … (5 comments)

wwwftbendhomevaluecom: Think Twice Before Waiting for 3% Mortgage Rates - 01/30/23 05:28 AM
Think Twice Before Waiting for 3% Mortgage RatesLast year, the Federal Reserve took action to try to bring down inflation. In response to those efforts, mortgage rates jumped up rapidly from the record lows we saw in 2021, peaking at just over 7% last October. Hopeful buyers experienced a hit to their purchasing power as a result, and some decided to press pause on their plans.
Today, the rate of inflation is starting to drop. And as a result, mortgage rates have dipped below last years peak. Sam Khater, Chief Economist at Freddie Mac, shares:
While mortgage market activity has significantly shrunk over … (6 comments)

wwwftbendhomevaluecom: Child Proof Your Home - 01/29/23 05:56 AM
Child Proof Your HomeKeeping children safe from danger is a parent’s priority and a full-time job. Unfortunately, accidents in the household do happen, such as a fall, burn, or choking. However, many childhood injuries are easily preventable if parents properly child-proof their homes. Start by observing each room on a child’s level to look for potential hazards. Here are some ways to make your home safe for young children who may be living in the home or visiting over the holidays.
Remove electrical hazards—Holiday lights and decorations can attract curious young minds. Make sure all lighting, appliances and cords are out of … (7 comments)

wwwftbendhomevaluecom: Have Home Values Hit Bottom? - 01/28/23 04:57 AM
Have Home Values Hit Bottom?Whether you're already a homeowner or you're looking to become one, the recent headlines about home prices may leave you with more questions than answers. News stories are talking about home prices falling, and that's raising concerns about a repeat of what happened to prices in the crash in 2008.
One of the questions that's on many minds, based on those headlines, is: how much will home prices decline? But what you may not realize is expert forecasters aren't calling for a free fall in prices. In fact, if you look at the latest data, there's a case … (7 comments)

wwwftbendhomevaluecom: Pre-Approval in 2023: What You Need To Know - 01/27/23 06:07 AM
Pre-Approval in 2023: What You Need To KnowOne of the first steps in your homebuying journey is getting pre-approved. To understand why its such an important step, you need to understand what pre-approval is and what it does for you. Business Insider explains:
In a preapproval [sic], the lender tells you which types of loans you may be eligible to take out, how much you may be approved to borrow, and what your rate could be.Basically, pre-approval gives you critical information about the homebuying process that'll help you understand your options and what you may be able to borrow.
How does it work? … (2 comments)

wwwftbendhomevaluecom: A Majority of Consumers Say It's a Good Time To Sell Your House - 01/26/23 06:41 AM
A Majority of Consumers Say It's a Good Time To Sell Your HouseIf you're a homeowner thinking about selling your house, you're probably looking for the best time to make your move. That means you're likely balancing a number of factors, like your changing needs, where you'll go when you sell, and todays mortgage rates in order to time it just right.
According to recent data, that sweet spot could already be here. The latest Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI) by Fannie Mae finds that 76% of consumers believe now is a good time to sell. The graph below shows the percentage of … (11 comments)

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