It is tough to sell when there are 58 homes in the same neighborhood on the market. The MLS just doesn't cut it in this economy. It is time to go viral! Stephen Strickhausen KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY 9175 Carothers Pky Suite 110 615-778-1818     Disclaimer: Franklin Homes for Sale, Nashville homes f...
Today I took a class at our regional MLS headquarters in Nashville. I didn't really NEED to take the class but it was an elective for a part of our mandatory continual education. I thought this class was going to be a breeze and uninformative. Sure it was a breeze but I was WRONG on the informati...
The age old expression "Now is the time to buy" has been worn out by Realtors in ANY market it seems. I have heard from many "buyers" that they are sick of hearing that phrase.  I know that Realtors are salespeople and WANT clients who are ready to buy. That in turn can give the impression of des...
So I took the day off. Normally I do a video blog on a daily basis. Today I decided NOT to talk about Real Estate and give everyone a good laugh. I went to college with some friends who are now in a band called SAFETYSUIT. They have great music and are great guys. In fact, if you happen to be fro...
Realtors should all have a general knowledge (if not an extensive knowledge) of things like contract writing, negotiating, Real Estate law, etc. Sure, some agents are better than others when it comes to those things. Some may be more shy than others and can't negotiate as well. Others may have to...
I really enjoy blogging...especially here on Active Rain. Within the past couple of weeks I have really started looking into doing "Video Blogs". My video blogs have been so effective that it is hard to come back to AR and do "regular" old text blogging. I have several other blog platforms that I...
I have been blogging for about 6 months now and would say I am definitely addicted to it. I am not so much addicted to the writing part as much as I am the results. This will be my 75th blog here on the rain! There are MANY reasons why I am thankful so I thought I would just name a few.  1. My we...
I am a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty in Franklin TN. OF COURSE I use the MLS to list all homes for my sellers. The Nashville MLS is a GREAT tool and a no-brainer when it comes to giving a listing exposure. This exposure naturally targets other Realtors with buyers. In addition, buyers are l...

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